Patch in March helped bots now crystal price 3100g

You guys seriously don’t understand why BC rises? Its because you el-cheapos dont swipe RC. Everyone want to exchange Gold for BC, but no one want to swipe RC for BC. Stop blaming bots, it is not the sole problem.

Its a simple supply and demand theory!


And that means that nerfing gold for those raids in KR made sense because that’s where a lot of their inflation comes from, and that’s why it’s such bullshit for our version since most of our inflation comes from bots.
So why do you think that’s not the case?


the Thread was :
OP said Bots are the reason why BC prices are rising cause bots got a free ride to 1445
i never said bots are not the most impactful source why our inflation gets higher every day

i just said op´s “facts” are not the reason at all

the reason why we have this inflation is an ongoing part , and its wether fault of the patch not the bots actively buying BC , whch they dont, RMT players do it with that said gold

op said we have more bots since the patch, which isnt true , we have half the amount of bots since the patch

also BC are rising cause too many players have too much gold and use that gold to buy BC
they have no need to spend real money cause they most players dont need alot of gold to hone that new characters

also OP said bots take busses now because they can reach 1445
but the bots were already 1445

this thread was never about gold inflation it was about OP saying the patch is bad cause we have more bots and its the bots fault BC is rising

which are the wrong reasons why we have right now this week increase BC prices

lol its not the players fault…Bots are competition for AGS/SMG. Every dollar spent with bots = less for AGS/SMG. They don’t want to do their job so they put in shallow stop/gap measures which hurt players, and then pit players against players because they’re too afraid to ban spenders. People are going to spend. Its fundamentally AGS/SMG’s job to ensure the best way is with them. It’s not our job, and its frankly a huge pile of horseshit that the normal players who follow the rules are the ones who get fukkked repeatedly and ruthlessly.

Don’t be sheep.

im sry , with players i mean its the players fault who do RMT
thats what i meant

they dont have to do that , but they are willing to “cheat” to spend less money on the game to have an advantage , its nothing else than buying aimbots in shooter games

the one who get hurt are the legit one

you know how many shooters do literally nothing against cheaters ? then watch vids about the current problem in Escape from Tarkov . they have literally the same problem like lost ark , that the black market for 3rd party programs and RMT is almost not possible to handle from the devs

same issue , its the non legit players fault

That’s not the same thing. Cheats like hacks/aimbots directly abuse players, while bots farms directly abuse AGS/SMG, specifically their income. Don’t blame the players who buy RMT. While i agree that’s a shitty thing to do, they do it because the risk/reward is worth it. Again, thats AGS/SMG’s fault. The only ones directly abusing players is THEM. THEY put in all of the player restrictions, THEY maintain an environment where RMT risk/reward is favorable. THEY allow the “economy” to rot under our feet due to all of this.

How’s those 42 gold orehas treatin’ ya eh?

im fine , they taste awesome , thanks

how about you spul ?

Already spent mine:

5400 yesterday in SA…gold nerf doing wonders I guess

As it has been proven already, gold nerf will have absolutely ZERO benefits for the players.

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This nerf only affected players, not bots or RMTs at all,
And even better prices for RMT have dropped, purely comedy.

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Gold prices before were allready 3.6k so there is no increase

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Bots being able to get to 1445 would not already have an inflation effect within the first week

BC are up because everybody needs pheons for their new characters.


stop mm oreha and carry bots, use lobby, dont be lazy

Almost all of their RMT comes from real players running raids then selling the gold. It doesn’t cause a problem because there’s no excess gold entering the market. That’s the point im trying to stress. One person doing raid then selling is the same thing as if each person was doing the raid themselves and keeping the gold. If Player 1 wants to sell it they would be sitting at 0 gold and real money while Player 2 would have 6000 gold. If Player 1 decided to not sell it, each one would have 3000 gold, 6000 total.

It’s both parties at fault. There is no one side is wrong one side is right. RMTers know what kind of problems they cause in the game yet still decide to do it. AGS/SG continue to allow RMTers to get away with it that’s why they keep doing it. You think 3 day bans are doing anything when you can be months ahead?

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Don’t tell facts to this people, they don’t use their heads.

Oh sorry, didnt know :smiley:

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Still expecting that proof about how this gold nerf helps the players.

Until then: