Patch notes and honing changes

@Roxx Can we be very clear on this? Does this mean there are no honing changes coming with Argos? I know a lot of people are wondering about this, it’s very important to know. Thanks.


just wait a day and you’ll find out

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Thats not how Patch notes are supposed to work though.


@Roxx Clarification on this please. Also reasoning why it hasnt been added if it indeed has not.

Dunno, but i am kinda disappointed by those notes. Maybe i expected too much.


Kinda disappointed aswell, wondering about the honing too so imma follow this…

Get used to disappointment when AGS is in the picture.


There’s a lot of contradictory decisions so far.

Nerfing Guardian Raids / Abyssals cause so few people completed them - but then releasing 1370+ content without any further updates to gear up.

confused pikachu face

One new skin release?

No New Class release?

It is…really disappointing so far - maybe there are further updates to be released?


I don’t think the decisions are all contradictory. Nerfing the harder T1 and T2 content is how they are helping people gear up towards T3. They don’t want to make T1 and T2 completely obsolete so soon, especially since there isn’t a whole lot of T3 content in the game yet.

Skins I agree on. Like just unleash the flood gates on those. It makes no sense why they are holding them back

As to the classes, even the director had said he really only wants one to release every 2-3 months, so I don’t know how much amazon can actually dictate that, because the patches need to be prepared by smilegate.


Content for the 0.0000001% whalers. Making one group per server for clears. I am dissappointed, but was expecting this to happen anyway.


If the honing rate stay the same they’re blatantly fishing for whales. And to think they even claimed to be the most F2P version LOL what a joke.

I think its a weird thought that everyone needs to be able to access content on release. Even if it is only 1% of players that can make it on release everyone will eventually get to it no? Why does it matter if its tomorrow or two weeks from now?


As of right now, there are not honing changes in the patch, but this feedback has been passed along.

It’s also important to note that while this is our shiny March Content update, we will continue to do smaller weekly updates each week that can be expected to include things like adjustments (for the sake of example, the hot topic of last week’s T1/T2 tweaks), bug fixes, and other odds and ends. Can’t guarantee what will be in those patches right now, but the game will continue to be updated in the time between this content update and the next.


You don’t need to be a whale to be Argos ready though. I am almost at 1370 and I haven’t spent a dime minus the gold pack.


Notice I never blamed AGS about any of this - I am fully aware it’s smilegate show on these releases, and maybe more people will start to realise Smilegate’s responsability in a few things around the game release.

However - Yes the Nerfs were meant to help but 1370 is a goal that even after the nerfs, only paying players/Streamers or very lucky players - will have achieved so far.

It seems weird to me that this content is being released WITHOUT the honing changes or Extra materials activities that would actually help you reach that 1370 threshold faster .

It just seems weird to release the content so soon, when almost no one is there yet.

Unless you take the cynical route, and see this as another marketing strategy to “incentivize” people into spending money.


Sorry why? u know less playerbase 0,5 maybe around is rdy why u bring this now


This is not an answer tho… There are people holding up on mats waiting for a simple yes or a no… This is getting frustrating…

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Why would you release content that only a small percentage of the playerbase can even experience? That just doesn’t make sense. If content is meant to engage the playerbase and keep people around, this honestly doesn’t serve that purpose for the majority of your players. It’s a really odd choice.

Are you able to share if there are other things being added that will make it easier to advance to this 1370 ilvl such as more ways to get mats?


You mean our feedback will be ignored like it was with the guardian balancing.

We NEED the honing catch up to at least give non whales a chance to even get to Argos relatively soon. We know whatll happen. Theres no honing catch up, small amount of people do Argos, you use “player progression data” that not enough people are clearing it then nerf it.

Dont just sweep this under the rug.

how is that not an answer? it literally says AS OF RIGHT NOW, there are no honing changes…