Patch Notes - Bot Fixes

Glad to see its being addressed. Below is the notes about bots for the week.

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“Here are the listed bot changes so bot developers can then in turn retaliate and adapt”

Good one.


“They said nothing, I will imagine that means they did something, as I want to believe.”

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Keep trying.

Again, “I want to believe”.

sounds like bullshit. so what, they stop the bots(for a day)? what about the 10000s of players that cheated to get valtan ready? are they all going to be banned? no? then who the fuck cares. Therye going to destroy the games economy and gate endgame content from real players. Any endgame achievements are literally invalidated by the fact that so many people cheated to get them. They means nothing at this point which means this game means nothing at this point. If they clean house, it will restore faith to the noncheater players, but i highly doubt they will ban that many players

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Cheated how?

it is bs.

Just a generic copy and paste response because they have no solution


I don’t buy into their bullshit either. They don’t know what the hell they are doing and it’s clear as day. And also nice copy and paste response


god what I’d do to be able to go on forums for 1 day a SINGLE day without seeing another copypasta thread about bots

you guys are the actual bots tbh



You’re on some serious copium my guy.

happens when the game has more bots than players

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They can’t tell what they are doing against bots in future updates because Botters could instantly thinking about how to deal with the new system

Sounds like they need interns sitting there banning bots 24/7 while they work on the issue.

There has been nothing done since Ark pass / quick leveling event. Its got nothing but worse… 3 weeks now ?

Nvm, they blocked legit players from using a VPN. They did do something.

Let me correct you. They blocked legit players, now they have to use VPN.