Patch notes less then 48h from a major update?

do you guys really consider this professional?

i mean even if there is just some minor changes we wanna know them there is 2 major reworks (artillerist and destroyer gravity)there is 1 major change for arcana (new card)

and much more there is also the tripod change with it also. the fact u guys cant drop a patch notes 1 week before a release is a damned disgrace if u ask me.

rant over but still i think ppl should get mor information.


Calm down… find something else to do and chill
its just a game

can we stop with these posts already,almost every game gives full patchnotes a day before or even after release

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They’ve always given patch notes a day before. Have they said anything that that cadence will change? Nope. So why do people keep asking other wise. Wait til Tuesday like it’s always been

They should hire more ppl I guess lol

It’s not about that. If SG gives them patch notes only a day before the patch than we can’t get them earlier than that.

its been this way for 7 months, why would you think it would change now?
it is what it is either live with it or move on :slight_smile:

who told you that ? they are making server merges on purpose with clown and scouter so they can have an excuse to delay the clown… i mean just think about it why they didnt make the server merges earlier this month ?

The game as a whole might be delayed to log in, but Clown is not getting delayed. Anyone not at the threshold to succeed in this raid is trolling.

but why u need patchnotes? who the f cares about it? what u wanna see in this patchnotes? xD

  1. thats a kakul and scouter + maybe some of balance changes that we all know
  2. even if ur class nerfed/buffed who the f cares? u gona change main? what do u want to do with this information right now? xD

lol im astonished everyday a new from the speciel people here

is this guy reliable ?


Thats how it’s been done for a while now.

Other KR mmos like LAkr and BDO drop their patch notes AFTER their maintenance. IK we are all hyped, it’s just a matter of days.

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