Patch notes live



It’s funny that they were saying “hey its not just the info inside the roadmap wait for patch notes” just to see that it’s just the content they said for the road map xd. Releasing a balance class after a new raid seems like a joke. How are we supposed to test the new builds with the release of the raid or after X time after clown, do we have to make 2 equipments because you don’t know how to make proper announcements?

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Basically just trixion update

I wonder if that even is the part with level 1 character having more options to test class also.
Expect it to be - but will have to see.

We also get some better view of characters homework progress for the week.
That parts seems more like the gem in this poo-pile.

Nice many QoL and Stronghold + Trixion upgrade. Unfortunately, no new tripod system, was kinda expected.
PVP-balance was unexpected.

why? pvp balance was announced in the roadmap

Thought PVP-balance comes after PVE-balance.

“* A PvP Class balance patch.”

Yeah okay, I overlooked it. There is no mention about any new tripod system, how come the people talk much about it?

Tripod update makes it eassier to grow your characters power, specially if you hoarded sages powder. So people want it badly and its understandbly so, however:

We will get a notice about the tripod update before it releases to prepare, or atleast Roxx said theyd try so. That was not coming today if at all this month.

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Wait…no school uniforms skins yet?

slamming powders will be the cheapest way to upgrade your character quickly. I expect prices to double on them soon