Patch notes out and no skins

Incredible that we didn’t get a new skin from this big update, are skins actually gonna be a once per month thing and it will take decades to reach current KR skins


Well to be fair. Is not a “big update” is a mid-month update. But yea they should add more stuff even during the month before any other major monthly update, like skins, pets or even mounts.

no we’ll never catch up in fact since KR releases once a month too

Well they did say next skins would be out in April, so idk what you expected.

We be getting Mokoggo costumes, Mokoggo skateboards, Mokoggo seedlings and Looney tunes costumes.
And guess what, I can already see the Power ranger kongoline in a chaos gate running from boss to boss.
The teletubby squads will strike again to take down guardians and slay hordes of enemies. Damn its gonna be wild I tell you.