Patch-Notes - Powerpass as a Gift for the Power-Pass issue


just here to ask, we got multiple gifts in the past for long maintenance

  • Please note that all Powerpasses are currently disabled as we work to resolve an issue with the feature. We will provide an additional update on Powerpasses update later this week.

just an idea… as we know so far… there will probably not being another Powerpass/Express Pass with the next Class Release so maybe it’s a good time to give everyone a free Powerpass as an excuse for this issue. Just the 302 Powerpass and everyone would be fine with that i guess.

Even just for the fact, that no one can go for another Powerpass til they don’t solve this problem.

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Yea, another power pass I cant use would surely make me less annoyed /s

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Yeah, and this time one that doesn’t expire :rofl: