Patch notes tom

Is another batch patch notes suppose to come before the patch tomorrow? If so, where they at o.o.

They usually post the patch notes at 12:00pm eastern time. So look out for them today.

there hasnt been any patch notes yet so the first one is yet to come but will come later today.

AGs works by Na time so usually during the evening/night for eu they post stuff

They posted the official patch notes around 6 pm central utc i think. Well atleast this was the case for the previous ones. So its like 2 to 3 more hours.

I swear people are kind of more eager to see the patch notes compared to the previous ones. Like is it the artist? Balance updates? :smiley:

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Uhh just wondering. No rush.

That one intern over at SG responsible for our version didn’t finish in time

just keep refreshing the news page

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