Patch notes waiting room

So what’s everyone’s hope for the patch notes tonight?

I am hopium for double Summer skin drops (2020 and 2021)


They decide to change the express mission from 1370 to 1415. But i know it’ll not happened. But nvm; i’ll keep dreaming about that.


Not too long downtime for the patch. For notes nothing particular :slight_smile: hope I can log in right after I get home from work.


yes may the downtime be short and file size be small


new ark pass


8h downtime

Make it double!
Still w8 for EAC fix so i wont see 10011 error anymore.

patch day no play ?

fix coming after akkan i heard

1415 express and honing buff or I will be disappointed in AGS

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So soon? damn they have god of an programers then.

If they release only summer 2019 i will legit uninstall the game and switch region. Currently playing a bit on Korean server.

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now, why do you feel the need to try and insult someone?

And i assume those players you are referring too would just be at the same level as you since you are worried about not being able to carry a valtan run with new people learning the fight

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The only t2 players in game are alts my dude, what do you mean?
We have no new players at last in EUC.
AND to use pass you need to have 1 char at last with Punika finished.



Calling other people trash says alot about you.


im expecting exactly what we saw

2021 summer event and skins, arcanist, punika power pass, 1370 express pass, challenge abyss dungeons and hellmode valtan

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Lai lai

I am hoping for finally some damn news about Legendary Skins.

well, since this is a waiting room, i might as well sit down with you guys and wait xD peepoSitHey

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