Patch notes - where to find?

Hey there,

does anyone know where patch notes are being posted?
I always see someone in the forum referring to those, but can’t figure out where they are being released! :slight_smile:

Usually in the Official News section.

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It’s not like they are accurate, two separate ~4GB patches so far and they are only apparently fixing a handful of very minor issues?

Nah dog.

Dont think the things they said on the official post needed 2 patches of 4gb anyways

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Size doesnt say anything about the things they have done :wink:

If you have a better source, feel free to share. Until then, those remain the official patch notes released.

I had 1x 3.5GB patch and 1x 350mb patch. Which changed about 10GB of data in total.
Aaaand just now a 3rd 52mb patch