Patch on Wednesday, Is it going to be the patch day from now on?

Despite how the patch is probably rushed because there’s a rapport exploit, since there’s only an island event on Wednesday and there’s not much to do normally I think it’s a much better way of patching the game
question is, are they going to keep it this way or not?

Looks like they have a holiday in Korea on Thursday and that’s the reason why we have maint sooner than usual.

Weird, I thought Amazon handled the patching of the servers for EUNASA? Why would Amazon need to patch on a different day?

Patches are made and delivered by SG so I guess it’s more reasonable to do it on Wednesday when they still can get some help from SG with it or if something goes wrong they can try to quickly fix it.

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the patch itself is send by sg to ags also i dont think they want a situation when something breaks while sg isnt working

edit: ye what the guy above sad :smiley:

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I guess but Korea is also 16 hours ahead of PST, so when they start to patch today, most of the Devs will have left work for the day or be on their way out? And if its taking 7 hours, it won’t finish until like 2300 Korean time?

Well… I don’t want to be that person but people who work in the gaming industry are not well known for having no crunches and stable working hours without any overtime :slight_smile:

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haha that is true, and weirder decisions have been made.

If it were me, and I was working for SmileGate, I’d prefer Amazon to patch at their normal day/time though. That would mean the patch would finish applying Thursday night around 2300 Korean time, after my holiday ended.

They would probably also prefer that but I can also imagine that AGS has full panties of something not very nice because of the last events and they want to be double or triple sure that everything will go as planned.

Yeah… I’m holding out hope that they fix some of the ISP issues that were created when they blocked VPNs.

I really don’t want to have to have another ISP ran to my apartment just to play Lost Ark… lol