Patchnotes for tomorrow

Alright, we don’t get the South Vern and Glaivier update for tomorrow.

Can we expect other changes?

  • Does the Naruni Event get extended again?
  • Server Downtime?
  • etc.

couple more hours left until they announce that hehe

i’m guessing worst case scenario here:

  1. Dropping the naruni event.
  2. no extension to the winter event (the books we were saving on the 28th are now useless)
  3. no compensation
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You can wait for 3 Battle Items Chests and 30 Phoenix Feathers


maybe 5 more days of logg in rewards sprinkled with excuses



:smiley: i havent done naruni for 2weeks now, and have stashed 20k points from 3 characters doing dailies :smiley: and have nowhere to spend them (bought everything out) :smiley:
Would be nice if they did like different games, close the event, but left market open for people to spend their coins, for extra week or 2 …
that is atleast what CSGO has