Path Notes of 03.03.2022?

I can’t seem to find any official documentation of what exactly was changed today with the announced nerfs. Are there no patch notes or anything like it? Other than yesterday’s announcement which didn’t entail any details on specific changes made.

There was no maintenance last night, therefore no patch, therefore no patch notes.

maintenance is tonight

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Maintenance tomorrow Friday at EU prime time. Queue for all incoming.


Thats’s just straight up wrong. Its 6am UTC in europe. It says so in the german notes (so 7am in germany)

Have you read the second part of that same sentence? “with an expected downtime of 6 hours”, so almost 13:00 in central EU when people are coming home from school and word in 2-4 hours. That’s assuming there will be no delay, but with such a big update, I wouldn’t really count on it.

1pm isn’t prime time

And still thats far away from EU PT and an okay time for a maintenance. When they need longer till 3 or 4pm im with you, but like this its totaly fine and you are way overreacting

Thanks, looks like I didn’t look properly at the time/date.

13:00 is hardly prime time for EU, not even during weekends :v

Any word on how long its down for? ahh 6 hours I see it.

I mean, it’s a global update, they can’t do it during the night because it would be prime time in USA, and so on… Considering they work in USA… if you know what I mean.
AGS please come Europe and give us patches during the night xD. Not now, now is not a good timing, you know, but maybe in two years or so.

since there is more players in eu than na, they should just do it in na prime hours instead :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

lol pre elementary school or what? :rofl: