Pay 2 Win Games are Good

Hi Everyone,

For the past week, I’ve been seeing content creators and forum posts complaining about this Argos patch, and I’m here to say that It’s totally fine! At the end of the day, this game is a business. We didn’t spend years creating this game for people to play for free for years and not make any money. For the game to stay afloat and to put out more content, we need players to spend money.

The reason the game is free, to begin with - is to create a trial for players to come in and play and add to the community. But OF COURSE, we will reward those who pays for the game. if you cant do argos on release, you can do it eventually!! You can do all things a pay to win player can do but much slower. This 1340-1370 deadzone you talk about is how MMO’s work. There should not be a buff to honing when the game just came out a month ago. Take your time Free to play Players!! Grind, your playing for FREE. Do some collectables in the meantime, crafting theres a million other thing to do in this game. All Argos does is allow you to get Legendary gear. You cant sell or trade it, it does not effect your gameplay.

People are saying that it feels bad to have people access content that you cant. But you will eventually, whats the rush? If they buff the honing rate then their revenue will drop because there is no point to whale. Everyone will be 1490, we all be the same gear, everyone doing the same raids, and the grind will stop.

I think smilegate is doing a great job so far, Im enjoying the game and Im very happy.
Thanks for everything!

You have not understood the topic or why ags/smilegate get so much shit, try again.


I think I do. F2P Players are bored at 1340-1370 and envy those who can do the Argos Raid. When there is plenty more to do in the game in the meantime when they eventually will become 1370. F2P Players want it all just like Pay to Win players. If I paid 15K in one Month on this game, I better be MONTHS ahead of a F2P Player.

You don’t get it though. It’s not like this in other regions that have the game released, thats the problem.

Then enjoy your awesome game with 15k player base same as New World.

Some people will take a beating just because it’s “free”…

No, you haven’t. You are entirely wrong. We are missing several instance based contents in general, that is accessible at most levels, not just T3. Its only our region that miss these bits of content.

They chose to release content that only whales could do, instead of the content that is accessible to everyone.


Why all guys can make new post in forum? We need regulation. Forum isnt your Diary.

As I said, you have not understood it. The forums are open for you to see what the problems are.

people are bored with the 1340-1370 while we should have, at least MORE content on this road… like mainly abyss dungeon trial and guardian trial… if they gave just those 2 things in the argos patch, be sure far less anger would be in this forum… really

On one side we have the hardest honing in the world right now (lesser chance, AND each try cost more ! )
On the other side we have the lowest farm avaible…

We have the hardest t3 the game had in its history…

1340-1370 deadzone is how its supposed to work? Your not aware then, when you actually hit 1370, you start to progress faster than you did at 1340. Why is that? the deadzone isn’t the endgame. It’s a literal deadzone.

Imagine creating a topic your so misinformed about.

We have literally the KR and RU players telling us, this is not how it’s supposed to work and the devs literally implemented fixes on both regions to alleviate this deadzone, they admitted, on both regions, that it wasn’t intended.

The only intention was, creating the deadzone in the first place.

I think you are a troll.


Yeah I think you are comparing to much to other regions. Here we go again with the envy others part. The game is great how it is at its current state. Not 1370? There is PLENTY to do in the meantime. Trading, Collectables, PVP etc…

Bro the game director for Lost Ark literally said this was not intended why are you so deluded.

I’m hitting 1370 today and I still think its an issue. try again. We are comparing it to other regions because rn its a crapshow compared to those regions that have better player retention because of that stuff.

well actually you are cut out at 1100+ from some activities like world boses for instance
so instead of having more to do you have to go alt route to boost your main, problem is that not everyone like making and daily managing farm on 5-10 alts, some ppls just dont have time for such comittment

  • there are other versions of game like RU and KR where honing rates are 3x beeter in range of 1340-1370, not mentioning missing half of grinding ways as ppls mentioned already in this topic and many others

prices are crazy inflated
we cant get big part of colectibles (like choseable card packs)
there is no PvP vendor in our version yet :stuck_out_tongue:

the question is how much do i need to spend im already 150€ in, by buying platin pack and then another 50 for something else. i invested already 400+ hours and i cant get past 1355 gs i have 1 alt on 1325 and 2 that are close to t3. if someone would tell me to acces argos i need to pay 1000€ to get it this isnt a f2p game anymore this is what i called dlc content.
i dont mind paying 100+€ for skins and “premium aura” but if i need to pay that amount or even more to acces the content in a time thats what i would say a paywall that is intendent and then it isnt a f2p game its a trialversion

LOL. nice troll post!

if you don’t understand the differences between our version and korea don’t even think people will take you seriously

what gear score are you currently sitting at with your main?

Im 1370 myself. Really not that hard