Payed money in game then cant play it! refund?

so i pre ordered the game and ever since i have got it all i get is that there is too much traffic or when i log in its a 10000 que then when it gets near to playing it crashes then have to rejoin in a 10k que. i bought this game to play it and not be told i cannot, can you not have a que skip for the ones who had preordered the game as ive payed money for this game and now thinking of asking for a refund.

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Pelase check my post from today :

You didn’t “buy the game” though did you? You bought some stuff in it. It’s a f2p game, you bought currency and cosmetics and a 3 day head start that had very little problems.

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@Caladrius you must play in NA cause EU had problems from the 1st day of headstart.
If you don’t have an idea about what other talks about then don’t generalise, simple !

No I play EU and got a good 30 hours played during those 3 days. There’s were very little queues outside of the big streamer server.

No, there is not. Stop lying. There is obviously a problem with the whole EU-region. Hence all the posts. Stop trying to whiteknighting them.

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There is NOW, we’re talking about during the 3 day headstart.

@Caladrius good for you that you were able to play many of us didn’t, as I mentioned before stop generalising the problem, you don’t have to believe me look at the posts dating from headstart evening and you will see.
The queue’s were there since the 8th of feb.

There are some players who have already received a refund from Steam. However, all of them have been permanently banned from Lost Ark afterwards. AGS simply won’t give you a refund for DLCs. So it’s your choice if you want that or not.

And, just to be clear: AGS has never guaranteed that you will have access to the game, content, or items at a time, in a region, or on a server that you like.

I completely understand your frustration and anger. I’m angry too because I’m in the same position. I just wanted to clearly clarify the situation we players are in.

Good luck!

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do what you gotta do but in the future i recommend not buying an online game at launch, especially if it is highly anticipated.