Paying for queuing simulation

I find it kinda funny that you are told to get a head start of three days but they forgot to manetion that you would have to sitt in a que of 15000 peapol. I now have 11 hours on this game and 3 of those are gameplay. This is just ridiculous


AGS does make a lot of mistakes but this whole server issue are on the players. Whoever it was tha flagged Zin as the only English speaking server created this issue.

The post has other 3 server without tags…

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well cant the merger two servers together to solve the problem because this is just sad

Dw, when it hits f2p it’ll be even bigger queues, get used to it.

No this is not the fault of the players. AGS could have seen this coming (probably they did) and they could disabled character creation for that server. You cant blame the players for that.

Guy’s, you allready payed so get out of the way for new players!

This problem is the same as in new world, they know they fucking things up but they dont care :slight_smile:

There were plenty of resources out there showing what servers were going to be high pop due to guild interest. There was an indicator showing population when you picked a server. There are lists showing what streamers are going to be on what server.

If you picked a high pop server, you are going to have to deal with queues. Personally, I picked the lowest pop server I could find, and one with no streamers - I have yet to see a queue.

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Queue times usually disappear or dramatically reduce after the first week.

While you and I might know about those lists, a lot of people aren’t going to do that and AGS has to know it. Digging through forums to find the post linking to another website and spreadsheet. Yeah, we saw it, but we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of people. They don’t know. It’s all on AGS because of simple little things they decided not to do ahead of time.

Try to remember there’s tons of casuals.

Dude, you telling your boss its ok to skip a payment because he needs a new car?
That is just dumb, either they should lock servers after 500 or so people are on it or make the servers better.
But opening a Server, fully knowing and monitoring how many people are joining it, and dont give a fuck is just bad managment from amazon, nothing to defend here.

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All the lists are inofficial lists and not everyone reads the forums, some probably dont even know that there is one. If you joined early and picked a random server, chances are you werent aware that servers like kadan are going to be filled to the brim.

the insane queue probably results in people not willing to leave so that’s gonna fuck it up even more, friday is gonna be fun

Imagine, queing and going afk because it takes hours only to find the message “you were kicked for beeing afk” :smiley:

@Roxx was the one who linked the spreadsheets and reddit posts about the server languages. That’s how I found out about Kadan and Zinn being the english servers. In fact, when you google “lost ark server language”, the thread where those sheets are linked is right there at or near the top.

this isn’t on the players at all.

Perhaps Roxx shared those links to try to minimize the obvious incoming disaster from the AGS decision.

That doesn’t matter, what matters is people who wanted to play with people they were able to communicate with were pointed towards servers by a community manager that has now resulted in a horrible experience for tens of thousands of paying customers.

AGS should have had language tags and the CMs shouldn’t have pointed to people to megaservers.

At the end of the day my main point is that the people blaming the players are wrong, this was botched on multiple fronts and I empathize with people who cannot log in before the queues reach 4 hours.

My steam : played 15h
Reality : played 4, queued 11h, -50€ on my account

If I didnt know the game, I would call it a scam

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Even if Roxx started linking it, Roxx isn’t the one that made it.

And why would you all see ONE server tagged as English and believe that it wouldn’t have Q?

Like I said, AGS makes a lot of mistakes but the players are to blame on this one as well.

There are other THREE servers without ANY tag slapped on them. I am pretty sure if anyone tagged them as English everyone would go there too.

Simple answer to “the players are to blame”. I’m more than ok to go to lower pop server but today I simply can’t even see the server list :smiling_face_with_tear:

I’m on Wei, zero queues even on prime time. Very happy for chosing that server :grin:

Global maintenance.