Paying to play is wrong?

Bruh they are the enemy if they RMT which is what a lot of people complain about on the forums.

Maybe you should take 30 seconds to read some of the posts before wasting your time on the forums with stuff like this. Be efficient, as you said you don’t have much time.

Additionally, as far as gaming goes, whales are fine the issue is with predatory systems in games, a great example is Diablo Immortal. Lost ark has them too, the good part about LA has equalized instanced PVP and inferno modes, which you can’t be carried by gear alone.

Turn it a post for clarity and tracking :slight_smile:

There are people that don’t like whales or the ability for pay to progress. I am one of those. I have accepted it in this game. I knew what i was getting into before I started. Doesnt mean I like it. I try not to shame the spenders but I look at every accomplishment wondering how much money it took to get that.

Yes, I think EVERYONE knows illegal RMT is the biggest problem - WAY bigger than legitimate RMT.

Look up this guy name on youtube “josh strife hayes” he will tell you why.

Dont mind, if it directly bought using royal to gold those type rmt is fine this how you support the f2p game.

You basically described me exactly LoL.

34yr old male with a wife, 3 kids and a VERY fulltime job. I’ve loved MMOs and the comradery they inspire since I was a kid, but over the years the time sink associated with being successful in endgame content has become untenable.

As such, its super helpful to be able to get whatever is necessary to catch up via the shop every now and again. Been playing for a couple months now.

The term “whale” gets thrown around a lot but I think we all have varying definitions of what that is. Its not uncommon for me to spend $50ish/month in addition to the Crystaline Aura (which equates to a typical subscription so I don’t really count that); Does that make me a whale? I don’t think so.

I feel/think true whales ($1000+/month) make up the minority of players, likely the top 1%. Players such as myself/OP are likely in the majority and most representative of the paying player base overall. At the end of the day, the game needs a funding mechanism if F2P players want more content and all that it brings.

Removing RMTs and the P2W mechanics completely likely means a mandatory subscription.

For the record, I do not engage with the grey market for anything; All my RMTs are via the in-game store and I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with this.

Cheers fam!

yes when the game is predatory