Payment issue ban / steam locked

Hi, I am here to post a ban, i have 4 characters. when i saw the summer skins, i spented 40+$ and now my steam account is flagged for fraud and my Lost ark account has been banned for payment issue. I´m trying to contact support and submit a ticket/ appeals, but Steam is ghosting me. Im my principal account of mainly fps games to try resolve this whith the lost ark support
Below is the prints of the appeal ban steps, and the ban/error msg from my account. First time putting money on the game and this happens


Hello @Espanka, welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

I’m very sorry to hear about this situation with your account, here in the forums we don’t have access to any information about bans, so we are unable to provide assistance, for this issues you need to appeal the ban using this link:

Please be sure to add all the information you have, as this will help the associate investigating your ban.

Thank you for your understanding!