PC and Discord stops working on startup

Just as the title says. When booting up lost ark my pc stutters and when it doesn’t discord just stops working and I’m not able to hear anyone.
I’ve tried reinstalling drivers and the game and that didn’t stop fix anything. Anyone else having this issue?


Omg dude this happened to me and one of my guidlmates too!!! I tried some troubleshooting and thought that it had to do with Google Chrome , Discord, or LA, but after messing aroudn with multiple things, I found out that it’s related between Discord and LA… Likely LA. I noticed that if I was in a call with people and booted LA, it’d cut out the audio for me in Discord and I’d have to reset the OUTPUT. If I booted another game though, I didn’t have to do this. Something happened in the latest patch that messed all this crap up and it’s actually pissing me off and making me want to stop playing. TO help mitigate though, I downloaded this thing called ‘Process Lasso’ and just bumped priority of Discord to ‘below normal’ and bumped UP LA to ‘high’… and so far it’s been ok but I’d HATE to have this extra app be permanently installed…

I have this exact problem

Yeah, I just noticed that too, I’ve been using the beta version of Discord and when I started using the regular version the issue went away, so I guess that I’ll wait until it updates a bit before using it again. If the problem still occurs I’ll use what you suggested. I’m just glad I wasn’t alone lol

Okay, neverminded the issue came back up even with normal Discord…

this problem is not with LA itself its 100% a problem with EAC since i get this issue on both Apex and Halo MCC tho i have managed to fix it for Apex but i cant seem to fix it for LA and MCC, i tried other EAC games i had on steam just to check (battalion 1944 and brawhalla) and both worked with no stutter on startup and discord keeps working, LA stutters when the EAC bar hits 100% for me and then discord is gone, i have to rejoin the channel for sound and mic input. the fix for apex is to delete the assets folder C:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\Respawn\Apex\assets and then verify the game on steam, since lost ark does not have this i dont know, i have tried everything, reinstalled EAC, the game and windows, nothing works.

AMD 5950x
RTX 3080ti
Asus X570 Dark Hero
Windows 11

I was waiting for comments about this error the first time I noticed it was on Wednesday with another game that uses EAC then in lost ark when it finishes loading for the first time EasyAntiCheat makes a strange sound if you are listening to something plus it freezes your pc and in the game the same random happens.

Ahhh VERY interesting finds yall. That explains why when I booted up Valorant thar nothing bad happened. Lost Ark devs pls help with EAC and make it better please :frowning:

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Have this issue as well. 5-10 minutes into being in game it will freeze for half a second and can no longer hear people in discord.

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You know why? EAC is closing acces to hard drives you have game on.
My SSD just dissapears moment EAC opens, no wonder it cant Start game, When there is no hard drive to start it
They changed something last couple of days, that screwed couple of ppl.

@Roxx it looks like a decent amount of people are having this issue over the last couple days. Any word on this?

same here

Update: The 1 second freeze and then discord not working happened on the server select screen just now. It has nothing to do with being in game.

It happens in game as well for some. Can happen on both server select and at random.

My point is everyone has reported it happens 5-10 minutes after launching the game. Not even being in game yet points to it being something EAC is messing with. The server select screen shouldn’t strain any system.

Oh my bad. Yeah you’re definitely right in that regard. Usually happens around 10 minutes give or take after I get into the game.

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Just confirmed again! At around the 10 minute mark the game kills my discord audio so I can’t hear other people and they can’t hear me.

Been having issues with both of them running together. If I open LostArk while connected on discord it doesnt open or the call goes silent.

Hello and welcome to the forums @RemixMyLife and welcome back @Jdm,

I am sorry to hear you seem to be getting your discord audio cut off while gaming. I have reviewed all the data you have provided and thank you for the information. Due to the type of issue you mention and how it does not match the expected behavior, this thread would be better addressed in the Bug Reports section.

I have moved the thread. Hope this helps and see you in Arkesia! :wolf:

Hello and welcome @RemixMyLife. Thank you for reporting this issue. The team is aware of this issue and actively working on a solution. There is not an update as of yet, but keep a lookout for an official statement.