PC crashes during LA

Ive been playin this for over 950+ hours with zero issues and as of late my PC just crashes when im playin LA it will freeze for a small moment and then cause 2 blacks screens on both my monitors sound is still going in the back ground and stuff but i have to restart to get my monitors back up… does anyone know how to fix this ive already tried updating my drivers reinstalling them and older version of it… with no success please if anyone is a super tech wizard please help D;

Hello @VolticSaurus,

I’m very sorry to hear about this crashes that you are experiencing with the game.

For what you describe it might be that it’s an issue with the GPU but to discard, If you haven’t try any of these basic troubleshooting steps please go ahead and try them just to discard some other factors that might be interfering with the game:

  • Verify the integrity of the game files, steps to do it will be on this link.
  • After that please close steam and re open it as admin and launch the game.

If the problem persist after trying this steps please reach out to our live customer service, they will be more than happy to open a ticket to investigate your case.

When you get a response on your ticket please let us know!.

Apart from this have a nice day and see you in Arkersia! :leaves: :dagger:

these are basic solutions that i already tried from the get go… so no they dont work… im testing out today if removing my launch options was the issue if thats the case i might have fixed it but… nothing concrete yet… #praytobefixed

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so far 2 days with no crashes after removing launch options… not sure if this was it but ill keep this post up to date