PC crashing in guardian raid

So as I am new here I can’t post it in support so I am going to post it here, yesterday I was playing lost ark without any issues before I turned off my pc I updated my GPU bios and today I can’t do guardian raids without my pc freezing and I have to fully reset my pc, I have uninstalled the bios and reinstalled them in case something went wrong with the install as I has issues installing them at first and it made no difference I verified the integrity of my game files and still no change, from what I can see the only issue is guardian raids if I restart my pc and go straight into one I freeze again, but if I do chaos dungeons everything seems fine.

It’s not your PC, it’s this crappily coded game by SG. We are in 2022 playing a game from 2011 with coding from like 1990.

I bet you have no issues in any other game right?

nope perfectly fine playing other games

Working as intended… Because if it hasn’t been fixed all this time we have been playing, then it seems that THIS is the way for things to be.

Is it Radeon? Lots of problems with AMD stuff and this game.


Get a better PC bro…I get 1 DC in 2 weeks if that many.

Try the dx9 option. See if that gets you past the crashes.

Downgrade to the 22.5.1 driver.

The newer drivers have an issue with hard freezing. I have experienced the same issue.

The newest amd drivers 22.10.x all seem to have random hard freezing. You might be okay with 22.6.1 but I think you best bet is the recommended drivers (22.5.1) as they work so far without any crashing.

It appears to be a problem with ANY eac based game.

22.11.1 came out a few days ago but I don’t see anything showing the issue, so my guess is it will have the same problem.

There is a thread on this in the support forums, looks like 22.11.1 did not fix it.


22.6.1 works but we can’t play newly released games with it.

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