PC Give Away for Mexico - you need a US Amazon account

I’m a player from Mexico. I noticed the PC Give Away contest. Players from Mexico are supposed to be able to participate. However, the link on the Lost Ark site sends you to the Amazon US site; could not find a similar page on the Mexican Amazon site - so, it means that to be able to participate from Mexico you need a US Amazon account, and can’t do it with a Mexican Amazon account. An oversight? Thx.

Hello @Cuernavaca.

I saw you’re interested on the PC Giveaway.

Would you mind checking the following link and see if it works for you?

Keep me posted on this one. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time and response. Again. You’re sending us to the Amazon site in the USA (the Spanish language version of that site, but still an Amazon US site). This doesn’t work for people who have a Mexican Amazon account. However, the official Lost Ark site says that the contest is available in Mexico. Mexican people who do not have a US mean of payment cannot use the US site.

It’s weird it’s sending you to the spanish version of the english site.If that’s the case, contact us via live chat so our colleagues can investigate this further.

Still not working for mexico, the box for the email does not appear