PC Performance on Lost Ark

Hello fellow gamers, I just got a series of questions to ask you about the performance of my GPU in the game. I got these specs:



My questions are:
Do your games stutter like 1-2 seconds mid-raid after the update?
Which PC part should I focus on upgrading to? I’m currently planning to buy rx 570 8gb just to get that extra 4 gb vram.
When Lost Ark is running, it eats up 70% of my memory, should I upgrade to 32gb ram too?

Thank you in advance for you feedback

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They fucked up something on the patch, multiple threads about it. Seems to only happens to games using the plague known as EAC. Roxx said they know about it.


Something weird happened with this update. For the first time my game stuttered like f during vykas.

I get that it eats 70% of your ram but what about the other % for the following?


If you are below 70% it may be that your SSD/HDD reading speed is low and when your computer does something else in the background while youre playing (e.g updating adobe…) You will get a short lag spike

Procie ranges from 50-65% while gpu is at 70-90%.

Gotcha. Test your SSD/HDD.

While more ram is always nice, SSD speed upgrade might be better for you.

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Thank you! I GOT 256 NVME SSD and recently got 2gb 2.5 for storage.

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If you upgrade, Pick one with high read/write speeds!

Dont bother upgrading. A bunch of people are having problems after the latest update due to EAC, it’s more than likely not your computer.


I’m sorry but what is EAC?

easy anticheat, for me the bug occurs a minute after i launch the game. it shutters for half a second and then i can play normally for however i want. but yeah i forgot about the new world frying cards so i wont be launching the game until 20th or until we get a hotfix

Thank you. I recently googled what is EAC. Oh well, like what KR said, ‘what a bunch of…’ Anyway, thank you so much was worried my gpu is going to die D:

The truth is that the game engine must be changed. The delay to open the game is horrible, this engine is very old and is the worst that has ever existed in the entire history of unreal engines.

It’s EAC. Russia and Korea’s client don’t have these stuttering problems or the long start times.

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Yes he has! Even the Russian one is worse. I have Russian lost ark on my pc, it crashes 10x more than Amazon’s, in addition to taking the same time to open. As I said, this engine sucks.

well, to be honest, the performance is trash since the beginning. the game isnt really good adjusted.

performance is fucked up

i have 3070ti 5800x 16gb nvme ssd and stuff and i have still have crash, freeze and fps drop

while cyberpunk full 1440p 90-100 fps constant with mods

don’t expect too much with your spec

I had stuttering issues but not due to weak hardware. For some reason the game didn’t support my mouse’s polling rate and reducing the polling rate removed my game’s stuttering. This didn’t happen before the patch.

Havent had this issue myself, im on RTX 3060 with i7 intel CPU

But it seems like maybe they did some backend optimization that does NOT compute well with some peoples setup

Thank you all for your feedback. Now, I’m not worried about it anymore. Hopefully, AGS address this issue asap before our hardware gets fried.