PC shut down + auto restart

Hello everybody,

The game crashes my pc and forcing a direct restart. Happens 2-30 minutes after i start the game. Doens’t matter if in character creation, waiting queue or in game.

I stumbled across some people having the same issue, but it’s always solved with a BIOS update which doesn’t work for me.

My setup:
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X WRAITH 3600

I just updated the BIOS to Version 4602. I’d appreciate any help. Thank you.

Ok I had two other threads I commented about this as I was running a Ryzen chip as well. 100% my fix was a BIOS update for my motherboard. I’m sorry it did not work for you, the only other things I did was video card driver updates, update windows, verify game files in steam and I disabled any overlays from other games aka I was running overwolf in the background (not for in game use) I just had it running.

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Thank you for the quick repley.
I followed your advice and updated my windows, verifyed the game files and disable my Nvedia and Discord overlay and so far it seems that it helped! :slight_smile: No crash for one hour in game.

Thank you very much! I’ll post in this thread, if it crahes again. Thanks again!

Im going to add this here in case updating bios/graphics card/etc doesn’t solve your issue, like it didn’t for me.

In my case my PC wasn’t restarting but actually shutting down, after a bit of testing i narrowed down my problem to my PSU (an old AX1200i) not handling the peaks of power the gpu needed and i solved it by under volting my GPU (3090). Here is the video i used to help me https://youtu.be/FqpfYTi43TE?t=137 / https://youtu.be/zUkPAVcb9Xc?t=518 and how my power curve looks like https://imgur.com/ZUUo5mr

Undervolting in my case is a temporary solution because i know my psu is on its way out and i will probably see more problems in the future but i hope this helps someone find their issue quicker