Penalised for leaving solo guardian raid

Is there any point of this penalty? What kind of action is this penalty meant to deter? No one is getting prejudiced for me leaving my own solo guardian raid, so why are we getting penalised for such a thing? Sure, if you leave in a matchmade guardian raid - fine, since you’re ditching 3 other people, but the only time I’m wasting is my own in a solo raid.

Please fix this, thanks. There is no justification for a solo raid leaving penalty. This was raised multiple times before in the forums but were not addressed:


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Wait 3-5 mins. Stop Raid > No penalty.

Yes, but there isn’t a reason why one should wait 3-5 mins just to leave without penalty in a solo raid. So why leave it in?

Thats the penalty for going there alone :slight_smile:

Yeah braindead i did go solo instead of Matchmaking, and was stuck there, wasting time trying to solo which was not the best one for my GS then, after a while i finally could leave.

Devs do something useful like remove the timer from solo > No penalty.