Penalized for NOT leaving guild?

My alt is currently in a penalty period, not allowed to join or start a guild, because someone decided to disband the guild I was in before. Why would that ever be a thing?

The penalty should be for the former guildmaster, who decided to disband it instead of transferring leadership. The rest of us get enough of a penalty already from having to start from scratch with a new guild and lose out on thousands of bloodstones for the coming week.

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While this game is very polished a lot of small systems make no sense and are bad. Guild leave/kick/disband penalty is one of them. There is no point in questioning this because it will not change.

It seems that in KR a lot of players were abusing guild events. They have been leaving guilds and joining to get ridicoulous amounts of rewards and this is why at least this one was set in place.


If U get Kicked or guild gets disbanded U get Penalty.#fair

Personally I feel the entire guild system is a bit of a hot mess. For one coming from other games, alts/main should all really share the same guild. You dont really want your alts to all join the same guild since they all take up a lot but at the same time, you need to use an outside source to chat with the guild when you play an alt character (which the game pushes you to have alts).
Plus having your alts in a ton of different guilds means all those guilds need to be progressed as well as your main for things like the shops and the like and progress on your alts doesn’t help your main guild if they arn’t in the same guild.
Its the same with the friends list as well on why each character have seperate friend lists and then the roster friend list. Just have 1 list thats shared since you already have the ability to seperate the friends into groups.
It really feels a lot of the other characters to “ment” to be played by different people instead of the same person since theres other things like the calendar being character specifc, friends, guilds, etc yet the stronghold/life energy/roster are all pointing to a single player.


I recently left my guild where I auto became GL due to inactivity. I was presented with the choice of DISBAND GUILD only. If I didnt ask questions or go look it up, I wouldnt have know you can promote someone and then assign them guild leader where then the option to leave guild comes up.

I feel you - I hope they work on the guilds in the future. Roster guilds would be perfect with increased amount of guildies available to join.