Penalty system is garbage

how is this even a thing? i’m doing a guardian raid with 3 people that are friends and they decided to vote kick me right after we killed the boss to troll me, i got kicked out of the dungeon + a 20m penalty for “leaving”? uh?

edit: seems like half of this community has a below average IQ and doesn’t seem to comprehend that those weren’t my friends.

why would my own friends vote kick me?
'doing a guardian raid with → 3 people that are friends ←
those 3 people are friends of eachother which means they can all vote YES to kick me which is 3 votes to 1 meaning u get automatically kicked

I mean, that’s its intended use. Your friends trolled you good, that’s for sure. But if someone uses party finder and go in as a premade, just to find out one of the dudes is griefing the raid, they’d kick you and there’d be a penalty, as there should be.

The system itself isn’t bad, your friends trolling you might be to blame there.

EDIT: you’re > your

Maybe find better friends.


those were random people, not my friends.

how is this “intended”, a leaver penalty is for people who leave, why would u give a 20m penalty to someone who got force kicked out of the game? its the same when u accidently don’t accept a pvp queue u get a 20m penalty, how are these things “good”, i’ve never seen this in any mmo ever? if u leave during a game it makes sense for a 20m penalty, not when u don’t accept the queue pop up or get forced kicked during a game.

i can literally go with 2 friends of mine and queue random shit with random matchmaking and we Just instantly vote kick the 4th (which is a random) and not only does he leave the dungeon forcefully but he also cant queue anything for 20m? explain to me how thats a good system lmfao, if u get an afk or troll in the game u can kick him sure, the vote kick system is a good system but giving them a 20m penalty aswell for being forced out of the instance?

if those were my friends i would have said “doing a guardian raid with my friends”, why the fuck would i say with 3 people that are friends? use braincells

A whole lot of reasons. 99% of the time people get kicked out of groups for a legitimate reasons. Most people don’t kick their friends or randoms out of groups. I haven’t seen it used once in my 240 hours of gameplay, plenty of which is in party finder/matchmaking.

People generally have good reasons to kick, because its intended to be used to force people from lowering the quality of gameplay. I hope it would penalize them, or they would just go and do it again to someone else immediately after.

Then you would be using it outside of its intended purpose, just as your non-friends did to you. The system caters to the 99.9% of people who don’t use it to troll other people. Taking it away would just allow those people to get into another raid immediately after, which I certainly wouldn’t want them doing.

Could the system be refined? Absolutely, most systems could be improved to some degree, but people using it outside of its intended use doesn’t make the system inherently bad.

The baseball bat isn’t at fault for being used as an assault weapon.

If it’s half of the community, then maybe its not the community that has a low IQ. English is funny that way, because the sentence can mean both. It really comes down to reader bias in most situations, so its not so unfathomably stupid to believe that the three people who kicked you were indeed your friends. But also not stupid to believe that you intended it to mean you were alone and they were friends. I can see this miscommunication and misunderstanding from both parties, but it is an irrelevancy to the argument at hand. I am sorry that happened to you, its not fun, perhaps try reporting them for misusing the tools. That’s not a normal occurrence by any means. Some games have that system. ESO I know has that if you get kicked from a dungeon you have a penalty. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again to you in the future.

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Hi @lemmenskarine

Didn’t had coffee this morning?
Little much of a rude conversation whenever your formation of text can be confusing.
Quoting that “i’m doing a guardian raid with 3 people that are friends” looks like you’re telling that you indeed was playing with friends.

But besides of that, it is not good players kicking for no reason. Although I don’t think anyone is doing that for fun, especially if I read your answers here. Have you been AFK during the run, or the same way of communicating? Indeed 20m penalty can be hard, but why are people stand in Queue for a pvp/pve and after go AFK?

Also noticing in WoW with tanks… Getting instant queue, upon entering they have to go AFK to open for the pizza delivery.

Simply as it is, stay when queue or in dungeon, and be less rude.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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I think it’s intended to be that way. It’s actually a good thing if used as intended, which is to remove and punish players with bad behaviors or are trolling, etc. If the feature is not being used as intended, you should just report them, explain your reasonings, and move on.

Reasonings like “I’ve not seen this in any MMOs ever” is not really a great reasoning. Different MMOs, different methods to handle things. If you don’t like it, the game is not mandatory. :slight_smile:

O yea he did confuse me also.

I don’t know if this counted as a legitimate reason, but:

Today l was doing the event guardian raid, no one used flares, l split from the group to look for the buff giving boss, cause l was so far away from the party when they found one of the other bosses, l get spam warned (5-6 times) for not using the 20% faster way to the boss and instead try to look for the other ones to give us some more info, l ping that l found the other 2 bosses and get kicked by the random party leader without anyone saying anything resulting me getting a penalty from entering it again…

I did write “?” to party chat when l saw the warn spam and no one else wrote anything the whole time we were in the dungeon.

In Event Guardians, some ppl rage, that the buff dropping boss will just come to you faster when you are fighting the other boss, but there isn’t even any info on that on the internet. So anyone first timing it would do these mistakes and if the random party leader is trigger happy with the kicks, then hello penalty.

If l was a new/uninformed player, l would have no idea why l was kicked.

Report them, its probably an offense misusing it.

To kick you, they need to warn you. So what you did? “Troll me” sounds stupid as a reason.