People afking or dc in ranked help

So i just played 2 ranked matches and the first one a player dc mid match so we lose and lose mmr next game a paladin on my team called us trash and said hell be afk the whole time then just afked and threw the match. I am so mad and want these players banned from pvp first of all im in bronze and the paladin had a rating of 1k in bronze calling us trash. I was so close to silver now im back down because other players throwing games. The paladins name was Godjiraa if any body can make him suffer pls treat him like a pos that he is

it the game … it’s trash. I only get a connection error code when doing 3v3 ranked. it happen roughyl 1-2 time per hour and it ONLY happen right before the gate opening. i can play 8+ hours in pve content or other pvp content 0 DC play ranked and pray not for a lose streak cause i already going to lose mmr naturely from the trash game. already drop from high plat down to low gold from lose streak + DC chanining