People are intentionally resetting Moake

It is as I said, people intentionally run outside the zone while agrod. This is a world boss, so cooperation is necessary. You can’t do this alone or with a small party. You are forced to do it with random people. Which isn’t necessarily a problem. Yet, as it is with almost everything, it only takes a few people to ruin it for the rest. With the way it is right now, yall are really allowing 1 person to mess it up for 20+ people. You can’t give toxic trolls that kind of power. Really just killed my mood. He was on the last HP bar too :frowning: . Please for your own players sanity increase that zone or don’t let Moake target individuals.

Honestly alot of people do not understand it. People just spam mid and do not say why. Im not defending people ignoring mechanics but not all of them are doing it intentionally.

I am aware of this. Yet I literally watched as the dude ran out the zone with it agrod. It was painful af. Even so, should still be a fix cause it’s absolutely unnecessary imo. Or at least give a warning so people that don’t know will know.

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I do agree with that like at least a little buffer to try and get moake back in the circle before reset instead of insta reset.

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Yeah! That’s not a bad idea at all. Something needs to be done

If it’s legitimately intentional, everyone in the channel can report the person for gameplay hinderance.

A lot of people are just stupid though and do it by reviving at base instead of using a plume, just like people push the boss to the edge and never recenter it, because again, they’re stupid.

So, just be absolutely sure that it’s intentional and not just some moron before you mass report someone for it.

easy fix: dont make him recover HP when he runs back to the center…

all problems solved and the people grieving would most likely stop, as it wouldnt hinder the rest of the people.

problem is: there are MANY instances in the game right now that could be fixed fairly easily (even if just with a bandaid-fix) but we havent seen ANYTHING adressed so far.

Some people intentionally do it, but I think most don’t. They don’t want to waste their resurrection feathers and hence choose to respawn at the nearest teleport. But we can’t exactly expect much since the actual recommended ilvl is 1415.

even if you run in, the chance of you (or people) running in randomly resetting the boss seems very unlikely (actually never seen that happen myself).

most accidental resets seem to happen when he rolls out of the middle and people keep standing towards the edge and he rolls towards those people again.

I have seen one case where lot of people wiped and they all chose to respwan at TP. They all came running and the boss steped out of the circle and reset.

not saying it cant happen, but it is a fairly rare case as far as i have seen.
bigger issue is people not being aware of their position and chosing to stand in a spot that would lead to a reset if the boss charges in that direction.

but as said before: remove hp-reset when he runs back to the center → fixed

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Lol, resurrecting at the tripod is not the problem at all! Problem are those idiots who run in circle at the edge to score a hit (but can’t since their ilvl is way too low) and are afraid to get killed. That’s what reset him.

I just miraculously managed to change into ch1 for Moake and guess what? There was a stream of ppl resurrecting at base and the boss didn’t wander even a little towards edge of the circle because everyone and their grandma stayed at MID.

to be fair, if you are in a “good channel”, the boss starts to die quite fast now too, so reset isnt much of an issue as he doesnt use his roll much in his short life-span :smiley:

The first lesson I learned while playing online games for over 20 years is to not chalk stuff up to people being evil or trolls when most of the time they just don’t know what they’re doing.

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He didn’t die much faster than he did when I did him on ch4 for example. Just ppl who know mechanics park on ch1 as early as 15-20 minutes before spawn.

i meant that he dies a LOT faster now, than he did 1-3 weeks ago.

Ah, then yes, you’re totally right. The population of 1400+ has risen.

They should just make that circle thing bigger… much bigger

Reset circles are fine. People are the problem wether that was intentionnal or just stupid.
Same people asking to nerf tier low tier guardians and abyssal dungeons probably.