People are saying the battlepass skin in KR Version is not dyeable

@Roxx Can you confirm if ours will be?

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Most of the Skins we have are not dyable…

Except for the Alar ones.

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Which is bizarre, since the only reason for it would be to sell different colors separately … but they aren’t even doing that.

I dont think it was dyeable in CBT either, safe to assume they wouldn’t change that

You basically have the choice between always available Alar Skins plus Dyes, or limited time (and Royal Crystal only) Skins which can’t be dyed, but sometimes (as in the case of Omen) come in different color schemes.

These are the older korean battle pass rewards, so the skins probably arent dyeable. They are digging to the absolute bottom of their barrel to give us skins most likely because they know if they release the newer ones first no on will buy the older ones because they’re inferior in design and utilty.

At the very least since they refuse to release classes at a consumer friendly manner we can get through their backlog of shitty skins and not worry that the future class we want to play wont have a shot at the skins we want unless we save them.

I want nerias shop for instance, but I want it for artist. I couldnt care less if my artist has omen or a pantsuit.

That battle pass skin is actually fairly new, KR released it july of last year, RU released it feb of this year.

Maybe just a personal taste but KR released this back in 2019, full costume is dyeable. I’ve seen some KR screenshots of this outfit dyed, and it looks so good

I’m fairly certain I’ve seen the ark pass suits in colors other than black/white in the background of KR streams, but whether we get something dyeable or not remains to be seen. If the fiasco around the re-gifted Lawmaker skin is any indication, we’re not likely to be using our dyes any time soon.

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This is not what they showed in the trailer though, there are no dresses only pantsuits for women and the menswear is a little different.

Battlepass skins is dyeable in other versions, don’t know about our versio

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