People confirm there was an actual Exploit happening


People seem to verify that there was indeed an exploit (not the one most assume with creating new chraracters to claim the mail). Message from streamer Laufie

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Does anybody have any actual info on what they were doing to exploit. I’ve seen SEVERAL posters claim they tried different ways to exploit this and were NOT able to.

I’m just curious how they were doing it. Shouldn’t be a big deal to share how it was done, now that it’s been fixed with this emergency maintenance.

Either way confirms the lie in the official post.


I also tried to see what the exploit was, but nobody wants to elaborate further on it’s nature. Maybe it’s for the best.

And you dont think some ppl just defend AGS for the sake of it? If the exploit got fixed it wouldnt be a problem to give a tiny bit of information out just to proof they dont lie. But they choose to rather not do it and let everyone think they lie. I wonder why.

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i would also appreciate if they were more transparent earlier and not wait for Roxx to get online so she provides us with clarification. By that time it was already TOO LATE.

Pretty sure they just made new character and did first part of Prideholme, which also automatically unlocks daily login rewards, previously welcome challenges, fever time, etc.

But they could have easily made a hotfix for that. So, only characters that are 3+ days old can claim reward, or limiting rewards to t3 characters as they were intended for tripod change anyways.

I’ve seen multiple people say they did this and were not able to get the mail.

I’m just going off what internet strangers say though so maybe they did exploit and say it didn’t work so they don’t get in trouble now. Idk.

Anybody else have any first hand knowledge of how the exploit worked? It’s been fixed with this maintenance so it’s not an issue to just say what you did. They said you’re in the clear and can keep your pheons already.

thats more a 3rd party claim than a confirmation haha, but ya i hear you.

This has nothing to do with rewards being removed from ppl that didnt login in time

there was no exploit of any sort. i tested myself, saying “people know of a mysterious way” to dupe that literally no one knows of is laughable. besides, no one got perma, you don’t even get perma for rmt let alone duping.