People deliberately lowering prices in Market & AH?

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been watching the Market and the AH, trying to analyse and predict it, but I’ve come across some concerns…

Although good accessories seem to be put up at really high prices (ranging from 10k up to 150k, the latter usually being the case of class engraving accessories), certain items are being completely undervalued.

I’m from EUW, so I’ll show/share some examples from my region. Keep in mind these are just examples. The reason why I’m concerned is because this is literally happening to everything, although at different rates.

Sight Focus Legendary Engraving:
4 books were being sold at 40-60g each, while previous ones were above 420g

Explosive Expert Legendary Engraving:

Emergency Rescue Legendary Engraving

Ether Predator Leg Engraving
One by one the price goes down. Recent Prices (latest sold) was at 100.

These are just some examples on Legendary Engravings. I know all of these are kind of useless, so there’s less need for them, therefore people buy it less, so it will always have a tendency to go down in price given how Lost Ark market works.


This also applies to other things… like Materials.

Honor Shard Pouches
This one was over 200g each just two weeks ago and has been going down very fast

This was also way higher 2 weeks ago

Now, I know that these having their prices get lower and lower seems like a predictable outcome, specially since it’s already Vykas’ 3rd week. People now have a lot more resource income and therefore less need + there’s no other content that makes players want to push their characters further up in level…

… but this seems too much to me.
Honor Shard Pouches dropping 150% in value is insane!
Great Honor Leapstones used to be at 100-110g each and are now at 37!!

So… what the hell is going on?
Are people just that hungry to be the first ones to sell their merch that they end up undercutting everyone, even if they lose hundreds of gold? Or are these prices what they should have been since the start and they are just normalizing now because there’s less need for them?

Would love to know what other people think.

PS. I know some of these examples limit a bit the information… there’s lots more that could be posted here, probably even better ones too, but I don’t want to make this bigger than already is.

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Is this your first time playing a game with AH?


People aren’t gonna spend large sums of gold on worthless engravings that do nothing - those legionaries are only worth something if they have a buyer…

They usually don’t lol.


True and I know that. But if you have an engraving being sold at 400 gold for example, why would you sell that same one for 50 instead? You’re just losing gold for no reason

Also keep in mind this is happening to everything, not just the examples above - which is why I’m concerned. The examples above only shows the ones that are more obvious, since like you said are “worthless”. Everything else is still dropping fast, but at a less steep rate


EUC right now


People undercut to sell their things faster since they need the gold to home or they need the gold so they can sell it for rmt. Bots are doing the latter one thus the low ah orices


No one would do that, 400 to 50 is too much of a gap.

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because you want gold ASAP? and cant deal wasting one AH slot for something that might Sell for 350 in 3 months?

I just bought 4 Sight Focus Engravings priced at 40g, while previous ones were 420 :wink:

and most of the engraving books in the pic is non meta books. you see high price of some of them cuz somewhere one person probably saw the AH has less of that book at the current time and thought if i put it at high price, some whale might buy it. anyway the market has not stabilized so the price will be fluctuating a lot

missclick then, 40 and 400 are pretty close

But if you put at the same price, isn’t yours the first one to be sold anyway?
Let’s say you have 100 items, you place the 101th and someone buys 1… isn’t yours the one to be sold in that case? Just checking, Idk how it actually works

I think so, but not everyone know it

So, they were going to decrease 20g in value each. The guy fattfingered, but if he didn’t he would have still lost 80g total. Seems like a waste to me

I sometimes do that myself lol
Also maybe 3 other peeps followed quickly by selling their books at the current price - 40g
Nah seriously it’s like that in every game with AH, peeps do dumb sh*t all the time

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Also most likely for the high price is that EUW is “kinda” “dead” as i understand which means less people are putting stuff on market


This is also one of my concerns… people not looking at the actual value and only the current price tag.

There’s literally dozens of Relic Stones right now priced at 20-50g and they’re actually good ones, some of them “religiously” used by some classes. People look at the price tag: “oh Imma put this -20g, it’ll sell faster” and a week later that same stone is worth 300g less, even though it’s still a pretty good stone.

Idk man…

who cares lower prices is a good thing


Supply and demand. If stuff aint selling at the price its listed, then people are going to undercut the price so its THEIR item being sold. Its the base of supply and demand. Items that are preceived been up for a bit too long are going to have people Undercut said price so theirs sell first and what “THEY” think the item is worth even if it IS lower then the avg price.

Its just the opposite when either no items are up for very few that sell quick that people RAISE the price of items.

Things like shard bags for example, on chaos gate days, the price goes down due to the glut of them and on non-chaos gate days the price goes up.


Discussing this with non EUW ppl makes no sense, they dont understand our Market.
Because its Dead.
Since the banwave, the last 10 bots from EUW are now gone. So RMT is gone, currency exchange dropped to bottom.
More ppl fleeing to EUC, or Quit.
I stopped selling GHL.
Next Week, Punika Boost and Express, easy to flee.
Now Panic Selling.
Prices will go up again.
Its just gonna be broken, going up and down, till we get Server Transfers.