People discussed power passes, but what about character slot passes with new class releases?

even tho game has been released for a full quarter now theres a lot of classes thats not yet available in NA yet,

as honing in t3 was very silver and resource intensive, i ended up making multiple alts as a support system for my main, however i actually didnt want to make those classes, i just felt too severely punished to not have alts to help gather mats/silver/gold

as i was not interested in those classes to begin with, i end up making more alts trying to find ones i would enjoy. i ended up using up all 7 of my available slots already, and the classes i actually want to play are still not even out. when they do come out i would inevitably have to pay for slot expansions if i want to try those classes, or alternatively delete existing character that i do have

but after spending so much time getting them all to tier 3 it just doesnt feel right to delete them, but i also feel kinda cheated by the character release plan since i clearly didnt want to make alts from the available classes at launch, but had to just to play the game functionally on my main.

at the end of the day i can just pay the 8 bucks and buy a slot if i wanted to, its just that having to do this severely diminishes my experience as a customer, it feels like i was forced to eat a full course meal with shitty appetizers and desert when i only wanted one item

so, could we have extra character slots with new class releases in the future? not asking for all of them, but at least one or two, so we can all save it for the class we actually want to play when they are released? :smiley:

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I’ll be the bearer of bad news, I don’t think any of the other regions have ever gotten a free character slot, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

When this was brought up before on forum. People who had played other regions said they never got character slots with new classes and not to expect them here.

So I think those 800 royal crystals purchases is the way if you want them.

yea i know other regions didn’t get them,

but hey, other regions get power passes with “new” class releases right? we may be getting forked on that since our class releases are not “new” classes,

if thats the case then how things happen in other regions may not equate to how our class releases will look like

i agree they probably have no plans to do that as of now, but doesn’t hurt to ask them to consider it is how i feel

If they are going to screw the western release on powerpasses then they sure as hell arent going to give character slots.

Never hurts to ask tho.

Dont expect free character slots.

spend the 8 dollars… you’re obviously enjoying the game if you’ve maxed alts


if i was “expecting” it, i wouldn’t ask if we could xD

if your response simply means they won’t do it period… well okay thanks for your insight i guess D:

i already bought the plat founders pack, i have more than enough crystals to buy character slots even without spending 8 more dollars

but no, i am actually not enjoying the game as much as you think
as i’ve mentioned in other posts before, i just feel too invested to quit honestly, if i ever take a break from the game i might not come back,

well that’s on you… If you wanna waste your time doing something you don’t like who am I to stop you

exactly right my friend,

bro just go with it, not worth the hassle, it’s only $8… even the hobo around the corner make more than that a day.

sounds good!

If really paying is an issue for you, for whatever reason, you can always gather enough materials on your non-wanted alt to instant push a new character, and delete one of yours character the day you finallly push that new class.

Having to delete a character kinda feels bad for sure, but on the other hands this is how it is ! You don’t really miss on anything deleting your character since you are gold-locked on 6 characters anyway. I’d argue also that 800 royals isn’t that much $$ to begin with, and if you enjoy the game that much that you have already 7 character in T3 that you maintain every day, I kinda feel it’s not that big of an investement. That’s barely a diner you know …

its not so much an issue as i just feel that the reason why i am in this situation is partially because of ags’s character release roadmap, so i thought it would be a nice gesture for all players, especially f2p players that wanted to make more classes,

but everyone who’s responded clearly thinks thats asking for too much or its just not a good idea, so since no one else wants this i guess it doesnt really matter anymore tbh. like i said i have more than enough crystals to buy slots anyways

Well, asking means you expect there is a possibility.

this is nonsense,

everyone new , that more slots cost money

noone pushed you to make so many alts even tho its clearly easier to make vertikal progression.
it was still your own desicion that you choose to use all your slots instead of waiting for the right classes…also the destroyer was 6 weeks in advance clearly stated that he comes this early summer.
so crying about not having enough slots, even tho , you knew that this will happening , is like beend a child with 5 years which want the candys he like but still took before the candy he dislike cause he couldnt wait. but still cries cause there no no money for the candy left he wanted more

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Korea has never given any character slot tickets for free so I highly doubt they would give us that, and honestly speaking you seem like you are playing a lot, so 8 bucks seems like a pretty cheap price to pay for a game that’s giving you 800-1000h already.

Btw, nobody forced you to create alts, yes, if you want to progress faster without paying at least you would need 4 alts and 1 main, that still leaves you 1 free slot for another character so… why dont you see it this way: You are playing a f2p game, having a good time, played like 800h hours or so why not support the game a bit when a new class cames out?.

I understand your point, but in reality we created alts knowing there would be more classes coming in time and that’s on us.

i know this is a complicated concept for you, but i was thinking that it would be nice for “EVERYONE”, not myself

like i said earlier, i honestly don’t care that much, i have more than enough crystals, and even if i didn’t 8 dollars is insignificant.