People getting banned for founders refunding

So I’ve been reading on steam but also some times on the forum that some people are getting banned for buying founder items of auction house and then later getting banned because that person who put the item up for sale on AH refunded the founder pack and get banned and it chained banned the person who brought the item of the AH too , If I read correctly it’s because founder items are linked to the account by a sources code even when sold on the auction house , so when they items are refunded by the original owner and there account is banned for terms of service the person who also brought the item and has the original owners source code in there inventory they also get chain banned for terms of servers so this is also probably why some people are getting banned for nothing , just be careful when you buy skins from founder packs I guess , also pray that amazon do something about this

From what I’ve read anyway

Just want to repost this here; I already put it in another thread. I just wanted to let everyone know what helped for me.

Hey everyone! I was part of the early March ban and here is some tips I have for you. (unbanned now)

  1. make the obvious web appeal
  2. follow up with live chat and request a ticket be created. (I waited from March 2 to March 5th before finding out I didn’t even have a ticket) one that ticket was actually made. It has a V####### it seems like the ball got rolling
  3. Create a Steam support ticket referencing your V number. My case was for a refund ban so obviously Steam could also see I didn’t refund.

These should help to set the groundwork. I know it’s frustrating I spent every day in live chats. Found emails and phone numbers to call etc. wrote on the Facebook page etc. none of that mattered. Just try and get that V#