People just complain to complain at this point

People just complain to complain at this point , just play the game enjoy yourself stop going into the forum and complain all day , honestly the game has alot of amazing content and every little thing that someone finds too easy or boring in their opinion they rush to complain instead of accepting the fact that the game is like that people like it the way it is .

please don’t take it the wrong way its just every day with these forum posts “server not working well " they respond to that we are fixing it , right after they (developers) respond they complain again about " DO IT FASTER BECAUSE I KNOW EVERYTHING” , another complaint came in about the crystalline aura that was not working for many even though they payed money they said “we are aware of that and we are working on a fix” forward few days they are taking the server down to fix it and multiple other issues then people proceed to complain about why the server is down to fix issues , let them do their work game development takes time and I’m not protecting anyone here basically saying that these things take time you cannot fix everything in one day let them adapt to the community and the huge number of players !

honestly thank you @Roxx and all the other forum admins that keep us updated on the things you work on and what you aware of in terms of issues !

bottom line is just play the game yes it has problems yes alot of the problems are really bad however i seem to enjoy the game with my friends with these problems and let me clarify i hate the issues that the game currently have however I know for a fact that they do care about their game (smilegate) and amazon care about money and want these game to be profitable to them as a business .

so im sure that they are working on fixing the issues and they are not just sitting around and ignoring all the issues just for fun .


And people still complaining in the forums on the same subjects that’s amazing


People will always find something to complain about. Their complaints just get more nit-picky if they can’t find glaring issues with the game.


just annoying situation to see it all day people just complain instead of playing the game


Well why aren’t you playing and trolling here instead?

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I am playing dont worry , i watch the forums and post here and there while i sail to different islands


Well, what do you expect people to do when they’re stuck in a queue for 3 to 4 hours? Can’t pvp in game might as well pvp in the forums instead.

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Its just stupid to complain all day on things they said they are working on to fix its just absurd that people don’t get that they are working on it and they need to be patient .

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Oh man. I just want to complain about this game sooo baad. Btw is this game any good ? I watched around 1476 videos about this game when waiting for my queue. İm still not sure. Logging screen looks fabulous btw. idk anything about what people say but they have rights to complain . BECAUSE ITS LİKE PEOPLE ARE TESTİNG FOR ENTRANCE OF NARNİA

the game is amazing if you have no characters yet i’d recommend going to eu west and create a character there is no queue in there HF

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I think that people have nothing better to do as they are sitting in front of their computer…waiting in a queue. So what do they do? Go to the Lost Ark forum and see what’s going on there as they wait to play the game.

So what I am saying is this, if they weren’t sitting in a queue, they wouldn’t be using the forums at all…

You yourself are probably waiting in a queue with nothing better to do. So you are doing exactly what you are complaining about. And let’s be honest, it is a complaint…

But that’s OK, the Forum is here for people to have their say, and sometimes that is in the form of a complaint. If you don’t like what is being said, just don’t read it. That’s what I do… I just skim over what I’m not interested in.

I suggest that you do the same…
Starting with my reply.


Well i dont talking about every complaint in this forum but i see sometimes complaints about so many topics that are completely untrue or a very personal opinion about the game also alot of people who insult the admins of the forums just for fun because they are bored , honestly if they are stuck in queue on EUC just move to EUW (if you dont have characters there already ofc i understand if they queue otherwise) personally i have 7 friends that play lost ark and they all sit in queue not complaining because they think its worth it and even if its not they understand the situation about queues and server issues overall because the game is massive and have massive hype and population currently .

there’s is complaining and having a good point about things and complaining just to nit pick every single little thing they see in the game and they dont feel like its in their personal taste so they insult and talk rudely to other people because they are bored or what not . if its that important for alot of players to play you can play in other servers again if you are not invested so much into the EUC server already

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I would like to see less complaints on the forums, with the exception of Game Support - Lost Ark Forums and Bugs and Localization Feedback - Lost Ark Forums. Game support is a good place to attempt to resolve issues with AGS and as long as the bug reports or service tickets are seeking to resolve specific issues that would be a good place to do that.

The issue I am having with the amount of comments I am seeing that aren’t constructive and that are just complaints is that they are being shared in almost every category and the way forums like this work makes it much harder for people who come here for help to get it if the forums are filled with complaint threads that keep getting bumped.

This is a sentiment I share. Coming to the forums and other official community channels day after day for the same complaints is not constructive. It’s not helping anyone and they aren’t seeking to resolve whatever issue. I also feel that there is a very small yet vocal minority who are deliberately creating drama and discord because they like it. I understand coming here to complain about something but there is a reason there is a “Your topic is similar to…” feature when a new thread is being created. It’s best not to create a new thread just to share the same complaint. It is far more constructive to find a topic that a CM is already engaging i the Support and Feedback and Bug categories to add to and follow.

But if their objective isn’t to be informed or to bring up an issue that AGS isn’t already aware of it’s far more likely they will create a new thread because they want to create discord. There are some who don’t understand how forums like this work and will do this by mistake but I feel that we are dealing with a very small yet loud minority who are looking to start things with other players which also explains why these comments aren’t limited to the support categories where they would be getting relatively immediate responses.

I agree with you this. They are doing a good job of that. I have almost no issues with how they are handling situations but I do feel that the community channels are a bit out of control but I don’t think they can do anything about it.

This is true. There’s a reason two of the Community Standards are:

Play to enjoy the game
Focus on the game

Thanks for sharing what so many people are thinking right now. Everyone should have a right to express frustration and to complain but there are good ways to do it and bad ways to do it. I would recommend this to people but I don’t think some care to give this kind of feedback.


I agree with you totally… Some people take things too far…

My mother had a saying… ‘Water off a duck’s back’
Water beads on the duck’s feathers and falls off, not penetrating the feathers. (I say this just in case it is a new saying to you… different countries have different sayings)
So I am just saying, let these things slide off you. Don’t let what they say penetrate so deeply.

I am just concerned for you… So just let it all slide.
It’s what I do when reading the forums. I just get involved with things that I feel strongly about. And I am worried that you are letting this forum seep deeply into your skin…
Don’t let that happen.

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Wow. Dude please just don’t ‘’ get a life’’ me. As a person i wake up , open lost ark queue before going work, then coming home seeing '‘queue stuck , electricity gone , or simply need to restart’.
then i open lost ark queue again, eat some meatball sub, going out with friends and finally im at home ready to play lost ark. but sadly queue moved 18k to 7k. After 7k i am ready to play. Guess what ? its work time again yeey. Now tell me that i have nothing better to do instead of waiting queue ?. I just want to enter the game man. promise to y’all , I will play only 1 hour a day.

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Why are you picking on me? I wasn’t talking about you. (Unless you are one of those that troll the forum)

I also queue for long periods of time… waiting to relax and play the game.

I wasn’t talking about you…
So chill.
Don’t take things so personally.

Edit: You obviously didn’t read what I said and only skimmed. Then you wouldn’t have jumped on me so hard.

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Firstly don’t start a fight here we are having a discussion secondly i really recommend remote desktop to get into queues before you are coming back from work or from any place .

queue stuck or electricity gone are usually technical problems on your side (not always ofc) it can be frustrating and i feel you on that one my friend updated Nvidia drivers yesterday and had to restart the queue again on 12k which is sucks but nothing to complain about more then what people already complained its just how it is for the time being till its fixed and improved which is already confirmed to get better overtime while they work with smilegate on the situation


I am not picking on anyone. This topic is probably right. People just love to complain.(bugs,class balance, some bs). But you all need to admit one thing. Queue problem is just ridiculous. and moving to euw is not the solution. Just wanted to point complains about queue’s are right and necessary. No fight, no heartbreak. Love y’all

Well… I do feel that you DID pick on me.

Yes, the queue problem is a big one… but that is not the topic here, it is only mentioned really.

Anyways, no hard feelings on my side… Have a Good Game.

The thing i want to complain about is that there arent enough outfits to buy in the shop, how can i help them to fix the server if i cant give them money.