People need to chill about these updates

I hope everyone realizes that the game will never catch up to Korea and we’ll always be behind(3-6 months) somewhat enough. That being said, the rollout of new classes will also slow as we are still progressing (quickly) to the targeted goal that is in mind for them. And remember this is SG making these decisions or at least a majority of them. Everything being stalled for a few months should be normal, since most MMO big patches take 4 months to come out with. We’ve been sort of spoiled with the new classes and raids dropping incredibly fast that people forgot those two things.

And everyone’s concerns have been addressed already, just not the way they want so people are crying about it in hopes it’ll change. They have been adamant and nothing you say will change the outcome. When will people realize this??

I learned one thing in 1 year Forum.

People dont care.

If they want complain it comes anyways.

So my best Advice is just play and never go Forum.


Its like people are ignoring the fact that we can’t have a “big” patch every month lmao, tell me a single MMO that have a big patch every single month

We received Brel and a new class a month ago…

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Lost Ark? :stuck_out_tongue:

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We should get to a point where we are 3-6 months behind korea asap instead of not having alot of their old content not knowing when we will get that

They had put a roadmap for us for 4 months in advance what more do you want from them? In other MMOs they don’t know exactly what they are getting until 2-4 months in advanced. This is normal behavior from a MMO company. If you keep looking at Korea and looking at us you are just going to get jealous and upset for no good reason really. We’ll eventually get it, just calm down. We just got Brelshaza and a class release 1 month ago with a 4 month roadmap, what more do you want in a months time???


People are just stupid, imagine if they actually release Elgacia tomorrow and akkan the next month? i can already see thousand of posts crying cuz “the game forced me to swipe cuz i can’t get to akkan’s ilvl by the next month” they are just dumb.


The best part is we are getting stuff Korea had gotten recently in terms of Pheon costs and instant recast which I think are huge changes along with other updates that accommodate our silver. This is a great in between patch tbh… The Witcher event is w.e. to me, but that’s a personal opinion.

The outcry about Specialist skins not coming out, is like… who cares? They are probably going to change it in a month or so after the release because a new Neria skin or something comes out that interests them anyways.

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Also, we are actually getting QOL’s faster than any other version (faster than JP, RU)

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Elgacia is 1460 enrty and akkan is 1580. they can release elgacia tomorrow and akkan in 2-3 months when even the casuals are ready

Yes the momment u can do on your main brell 1-6 and try to Hone and realise how much silver/shards gold and mats u need and this + 5 for a full roster.

Oh wait they realese HM Brell!


Oh wait i cant join any group even if im 1540 hones i need to to brell normal first to get some Brell Relic.


" joining new abyss dungeon "

Oh im FloorPov this is too hard !! QQ

Difficulty Normal and HM 1-3?? WTH GATEKEEPP



etc etc.

This could happend if they would release now everything.

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LMAO imagine thinking casuals will be at 1580 in one month, delusional.

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I am so excited for the forum posts when the actual development content drought begins. People will soon realize that developing huge raids don’t take 2-3 weeks. lol


We are 2 years behind KR and 1 year behind RU on our “accelerated schedule”.

You missed something.

After that people will start making posts here talking about how “predatory” the game is
Because they are “forcing” us to swipe in order to try the new content and they will quit because of that.

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First of all Elgacia has a 1475 entry ilvl, and another thing is that it released 1 year after kakul saydon was released in Korea, 1 entire year, we just got kakul saydon 3 months ago. Man are you high as balls or what?

It takes already more then 10 Weeks if u cant clear g1-6 Normal to get Full Brell Relic.

So after u get Full brell Relic HM Brell is waiting soon, oh and wait u need to do the same but next is defferent 15+ weeks. Oh wait then its summer and then its thinkable to release elgacia summer.

Then 1-3 Months grind new Abyss dungeon like KR and then Akkan release NM/HM.

Just asking is LA your first MMO?

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In term of classes, nope, we are not 2 years behind, in terms “content” (raids) nope we are about 1 year behind.

We are just missing Elgacia and Akkan.

They release 2 classes per year and we are only missing 3 classes (2 classes at April) so it’s 1 year behind

Asking for a faster content release schedule is just stupid since we need time to prepare our characters to do that content.

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Brel normal was released July 2021, hard 2 months later in KR. So, do the math.

Also replying to this

Even though you might not be spending your own cash, you’re spending someone’s cash to progress. You do realize that don’t you? Blue crystals are not generated from thin air.

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2 years behind??

nice try… we’re a year and a half according to raid release, which is honestly pretty good. by august we’ll be 1 year behind assuming thats akkan release and 6 months after that we’ll be 6 months behind Korea… We are still on an accelerated schedule.

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