People need to stop posting False and Wrong Information

I see to many people on this forum posting false and 100% wrong information half the post have people talking about stuff they have no idea what their talking about or they are just parroting things they see and hear online and never do the research themselves. I have noticed a big majority of post have a lot of things that are either straight up lies or wrong. Please do your research before you make a post about something because half the time it’s wrong. People posting stuff thats wrong and false doesn’t help the game because you won’t take 5 minutes to look it up yourself


Yeah that’s why it’s a forum. People post whatever they think is true and then people correct em😂

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Exactly… this is the problem with most of the misinformation on the forums.

I mean, I agree, but you will never stop it. The best you can do is constructively call it out and correct the misinformation as you can.

People are going to be people but be better than ignorance and help educate.

A place where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.

Nothing in the definition stays that they should be factual. So…

Correct them. No. People enforce the status quo wether that is correct or not.

What’s almost as bad as people exchanging incorrect information, are individual’s overstating the importance of a forum and trying to police others.