People need to understand BOT in this game

Majority of the people complain about BOT in LA but dont seem to know how BOT function and what they can or cant do to affect the way this game is played. Fundamentally speaking, there are two type of BOTs going on in LA right now, and i would like to break them down for you guys here and what i think about each of them.

Type 1: GOLD farming BOT, Aka quest bot or Tier 1 BOT. These type of bot shares alot of common identities (gibberish names, identical pathing, armor skin, no title, etc etc) and can be easily identified through their behavior and this BOT type we’ve all encountered every where. IMO, these bot are not as BAD as Type 2.

Type 2: Gear/Material farming BOT, Aka chaos bot. These type of bot are MUCH MUCH more devastated compare to Tier 1 gold farming bot. Because they are HIDDEN, often played by real players so you can’t really tell them from a glance until you inspect them more in depth.

It’s very clear that why Type 2 BOT are more detrimental to the economy as well as they have a much greater impact to normal player experience. They could simply out progress any player who dont BOT or whale in matter of days. Yes, i know there is a limit of of guardian/destruction stones you can exchange per week per roster but please dont forget BOT can easily overcome this limit by having as many accounts as they want. Since LA has no price tag for entry, they could literately create tens/hundreds accounts in matter of minutes. Even worse, when servers are infested with TYPE 2 BOT, it casts a false impression on AGS that majority of the playerbase has reached MAX GS level or have enough GS level to progress into next content which clearly majority of the legit playerbase isn’t. I honestly don’t see any point to keep playing when valtan releases if AGS can’t effectively detect/perma ban this type of BOT.

Bottom Line is: i personally dont care about Whale or TYPE 1 bots so much, but what really sadden me is that i see no action has been taken on TYPE 2 BOT. Even though there maybe not as many TYPE 2 bot compare to TYPE 1 but they DO exist and in more numbers than you possibly expected.

The first type of bot can also do unas and rapport, and gold rooms in chaos, thus generating new gold and inflating the economy. The second type is bad for player moral since some players can get way ahead, but the first type actually raise prices and directly affect all players

crossing the “Explaining bots to plebs for the 100th time” off my bingo sheet for the week.

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That’s a lot of text to say that you have no clue about botting, preventing them, and basic economy.

i more annoyed by second type as well a lot of pushing players go out of the economy because the bot farms unreasonable amounts for them ;/ But the first one is really annoying as well because it destroy any immersive feeling and the game just looks really bad because of it

I already bingo’d on my sheet.