People not saying "gg" in Kungelanium

Are you guys too cool for us? Haven’t you learned some proper and wholesome gaming manners?



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maybe you didnt get a gg cause it was just mediocre



Usual clear time never above 5min-6mins and super smooth battle item management

I’d say gg if you only used your damn pheromones


I always use my battle items

“gg” got started in the early '00s from the childrens bringing their little league culture into vidya and it needs to go. It’s almost as bad as tipping culture.

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gg no re
love, dva!

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I say gg cuz I don’t use battle items, I just do cruel fighter

I always say git gud in my games. But because I dont want people to be offended, I abbreviate it as gg.

kungelanium 4 minutes or slower? low dps not gg

5-6 mins with battle items is not a gg. thats a mediocre g

Too many alts, lots of short repetitive content, too tired and numbing to say gg for lost ark. I say gg for ff14 dungeons though, and ty4p for legion raids in lost ark.

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I only type gg if the run took just 3 min or below that time. Besides that it was just mediocre run and no reason to gg

It’s a singleplayer game what do you expect. I do dailies on 12 characters and have never met the same person twice in a guardian raid. Social interaction is non existent.

Mechanics in this game are so easy there is literally no need to communicate with your party which means everyone is playing entirely for themselves. Even Legion Raids are braindead and requires absolutely no communication after everyone spammed his position in chat.


I agree, people have forgot how to be polite.

The average response to this thread is the perfect proof of it.


lol lets reply with mg ty then :stuck_out_tongue: