People not understanding how the game has worked previously and an insight as to some of the things mentioned on the roadmap before it was removed

people are misunderstanding the update they released, Kadan and Argos for the Higher level players for retention of those players. Before the Roadmap was taken down to be changed it mentioned the following release of content that will be coming within the next month or three;

  • More Classes - The Destroyer and Arcana.
  • New Legion Raid.
  • New Guardian Raid.
  • New Continent.
  • Abyssal Raid(s).
  • Some kind of Solo only Dungeon, I think it was called ‘Thronespire’
  • PVP season start kicking of with Ranked PVP and their rewards

Don’t forget that Golden River and his team were surprised that people in this game were much further along in the game then they had orignally planned, What this means is the revision in content means that those of us here in the the top 1% have potentially caused Smilegate to release content beyond this.

Now a lot of people are like fat lot of good that does them since they’re stuck in the T2 the thing you have to remember is when Smilegate drop a shit ton of content they make it super easy to move past that old content to get to the new content but they only do it on big content drops. Argos was not a big content drop it was 1 story line which takes about an hour or two to complete and a Raid for 1370 players when this new Roadmap is finished and that content drops you’ll all get a massive boost to catch up to us whales as you keep calling us.

You should be in the process of farming Tier 1 and Tier 2 mats on your alts and storing them in the roster storage so that when Destroyer or arcana or any other class releases you can just power level them straight to tier 2 or 3.

here is the problem :
They (AGS/SMG) want to get us fast to korean state of the game.
So yes, get argos early is quite not stupid.

But there are lot of things in t1/t2/t3 to help honing at the state we are right now.
I don’t say they must give all, far from it, but … between all and not any… there are way to do.
if they gave just, for example, the weekly guardian trial, and more honing mats in event (like, adding a 0 of what you can buy for stones…) you can be sure people would be far less angry.

Because on one side, the weekly trial would be content for more people, and on the other it would be one of the many things to help to get to 1370 (without “giving it for free”…)