People really upset they can't be preyed upon by Yoz Jar?

What a sad state the gaming community is in lol. Also AGS what the heck you mean while you evaluate other ways to put legendary skins in? Slap 10 more dollars to it and throw it in the shop.


10 more dollars lol. 100k gold in value means you’re looking at hundred + dollars for it.

Can’t wait for the crying when people figure out how much it will cost to buy.


This is why I have an issue with children playing games with RNG outcomes.

They become groomed to the idea that it’s okay and acceptable.


I’ve seen what those skins look like and they certainly aint worth 100k or even 10k


Then don’t buy them? I don’t understand.


And that’s the issue. You don’t understand WHY crap like this is bad.


I’m a grown adult and I can spend my money how I want. If you can’t afford or don’t want to thats not my problem.



Removing the Yoz Jar entirely is a good thing and should be celebrated.

Is it sad we’re not getting the legendary skins right away? Sure, I really wanted the Bard and Pally skins, but I’m not going to behave like the sky is falling because I’m not getting those skins right away.

I’m sure AGS is still in talks with Smilegate on how to implement the Legendary skins that will be EU law friendly + please the majority of players.

Just have some patience.


You don’t have to understand the bigger picture because others will do it for you.


That’s the KR/RU/JP value with the Yoz’s Jar.

We might get a different system and the legendary skins might have less value (and I mean buy/sell value not stats/cosmetic value)

Way to miss the point. You will eventually get access to the skins, just not now, and just not with the Yoz Jar.

Get a grip.


Ok, when are they coming then since you’re so confident?

And even IF they did that you MF’s would STILL whine about it and make 10 threads about not being able to afford it trust me.

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Pretty much.

We don’t know; and neither do you.

Move on with your life, for goodness sake. It’s not like your gameplay hinges on whether or not you’re getting those skins.


If the omen and glave skin set was $30, i don’t see these legendaries going for anything under 60, especially with rmt…

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Yet its totally ok to whine about removing it for weeks, but me posting my opinion for half an hour is super bad. Ok bro.

once the rng element is gone so is the inflated value

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Because people like you with zero self control can cry that some people have disposable income ?

Poor gamers win.

Yea lots of lootbox simps coming out of the woodwork completely melting down and ready to lash out.

Yoz deserved to be canned. It was a crap system, and down the line we will get the skins in a reasonable way.