People reporting and voting kick for no reason

Today I got warning for nothing:

Why are people like this?


Well, you are getting kicked for not being dps hero.

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did you forget to change ur setup from chaos dungeon build to regular one upon entering by any chance

Let me make something clear for you people, I will play what I want to play and no one has the right to tell me to go play different class. I don’t know who the flark think you are.

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Oh, thanks for making everything clear. You can mark your own reply as solution.


Well there’s the answer. No wonder you got warned and kicked with dat attitude. Problem solved.


if ur gonna take that stance,

people will kick who they want to kick, no one has the right to tell them to play with meme build. You don’t know who the flark think they are

But jokes aside if you went into guardian raid with some preemptive strike lightning fury or smth like that dps, they have their right to kick lmao

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So you’re on the same side as the guy who’s calling me a Moron and Abusing me online?

Yes because he is right.

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with people like that i just /sit and hope they loose a lot of time (usualy there is alway one that dont warm/report) so it just make them loose even more time. and it’s fun to see them rage. i even taunt them saying things like "thx for the insults, now i’m just sitting, have fun ! "

lost ark have by far the worst community of any mmo, never talking, or talking only to trashtalk, but it’s great in one way when you got as mutch time as me, to see them cry for about everything or that they “dont have time”

People like you are the worst in the MMO experience. People who play absolutely badly, do nothing and think they are in the right. If you enter group content, then equip yourself for it and don’t get carried like a loser!

/kick artIkeelLv.100

i bet he didnt use any battle items

Yes, unfortunately. LA simply has an absolutely bad game design. In other games, I could remove you from the party if you play atrociously and you think it’s good to do so.

Sure dude, just crop everything out

You should l2p :rofl:

“u are not dps hero”

What does that even mean? Were you playing DPS pally?


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I dont know the full context on what’s going on. Did you not using HP pots and keep dying or ur using a very scuff build that literally bring nothing to contribute to the team?

I am Spiritbreakerdva in the game. I just joined random matchmaking and this is what I got. Dude just goes around calling people morons and idiots, kicking people. He decided not use pots to heal himself and then after he got killed by the guardian, he started acting like this.

You are what? Could you link your build, because I’ve never heard anything like that.