People that sleep at night already lose MASSIVELY to double rift/bosses... Why hit them again?

Every night people sleeping and not awake for the double rifts and bosses are already taking thousands of gold in losses -EVERY- day. Losing Pheons now too just feels extra bad. To the point of, why even play if I’m not someone logging in from a (non NA time zone where it’s extremely convenient for me to get 2x daily rewards and easier to hit islands).

At least fix the double rift spawns so people with a healthy sleep schedule don’t have to be paranoid about losing tens of thousands of gold every day.

Didn’t they fix double bosses/rifts like… months ago?

Nvm looks like the reason it wasnt working was daylight savings for NAE, looks like it worked again lmao.

WTF how can this even still be a thing…

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honestly I think it just exists to help the people gaming in China

I think it’s called “stop FOMOing”

Hell I missed doing a Chaos Gate and a Twings the past few days because I wanted to play Pokemon instead (it has its issues but I’m having a blast, I beat a gym with a god damn olive and I was so happy)

Get good sleep anyways, drink lots of water and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing, life exists outside of this game people

Tale care of yourselves first and foremost