People wake up! its time and move on

Guys its time to wake up, this game will not have a long life, i feel bad about it i like the game, but AGS and SG are just incompetent in running this version of the game, and yes its SG aswll its not onlt AGS at fault here.
Try and move on from it keep 1-2 characters and have fun here and there but for me the grind is over.


Anything more you wanna add?

Maybe do a facebook status updates about you stop playing Lost Ark? Let the people now!


Maybe needs to do a news article with the media :stuck_out_tongue:


send your golds before leaving, bye bye

insert [this isn’t an airport meme]

Im still trying to purchase a few packs coming out lmao

Last patch was fine, reaper came out, tripod etc… next month next class and new raid, tomorrow fix for dc (hope it’ll works)… so u are saying those things just for SH skin (they told u about the colour much time before) and the pheons things ( that for me they were pretty fair, 60 pheons, 30 plus 30). I mean nobody force u to play, just stop being like that honestly


It’s OK the pheons debacle was merely a test to see what kind of treatment people are willing to accept as long as they get their fix and judging by the topics of latest threads, AGS likely concluded that despite all the rage on the forums ppl just grumbled and went on playing anyway once they made it so ppl can purchase books with a negative balance.

Look up Let’s go whaling’ by Pocketgamerbiz on ytube :wink:

I’m happy about the pheon debalce. I got essentially 60 pheons out of it that otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten any.

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