People wanting to quit at the start of a abyssal dungeon because people are low item level

We entered a 1325 abyssal dungeon and me and my friend was 1325. The other two randoms decided that they didnt want to do the dungeon with 2 1325 people when it is scaled for 1325. Afterwards when we didnt want to quit the dungeon immediately. They decided to force disconnect their char so we would be forced to level the dungeon so they wouldnt lose their ticket.

Update we decided to stay in the dungeon so they got kicked for afk. Hope they lose their ticke

That is a report, he is hindering the progress of others. And that dungeon is so easy. Probably one of the easiest.

We did report them

You can’t make this post with those screenshots, you’re breaking forum rules. Thanks

Agreed abyss normal 1325 is easy, the challenge start at hard difficulty but Argos still harder with more wipe mechanics

good deal