People warn kick for no reason in turtle

Is there something beeing done about that, happened around 5 times, i get a group in turtle that either insta all warn me (didnt even reach guardian yet any of us) and kick me before guardian is done
or they simply warn when we reach phase 3 and kick me then

yes when people warn me i then decide not to use battle items, its not a right to have a party that all uses battle item, if you want one just use it dont push it on other,just use LFG for that.

Most of the times its really nothing at all i have 5x3 ilvl 1490 and actually use battle item

vast majority of the time they dont even talk at all in any chat so can only assume they are friends trolling

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Just report them. It’s viewed as harassment by AGS as well as unintended usage of a gameplay feature. As long as you are actively participating in killing the boss you should not be kicked.


yes something can be done, prepare your characters for group content and make your own parties with your own conditions. if you go into matchmaking unprepared you will encounter people who don’t like adding the extra time carrying you, and they will sometimes tell you about it or warn/boot or just leave. The game heavily suggests the use of items, if you want one without items just use lfg for that xD, don’t push it on others making their guardians take longer because you weren’t prepared.

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Or… If you don’t want randos in your party, YOU make a LFG ya sweaty nerd


im pretty sure all your read is only what you wanted to read , you gotta read before posting this since it doesnt apply in this post

the issue is more when people insta warn kick witouth ever having wrote anything, i cant report them in game

Imo no point reporting its mm. Report only works if they harass u with words on top of.kick. not a single just kick no word report works

You can include screenshots with your report on the link I provided :slightly_smiling_face: but yes I agree that the system is flawed. Sadly it is unlikely to change soon. They use the exact same report/penalty system in New World.

nah ill just warn/kick you or leave xD. dont expect randos to carry you bud


ya, people usually go to insults when they have a bad argument…self own bud xD. just go make some items and people wont give you shit and might acutally enjoy your company in a party. do your part you will receive better results :sweat_smile:


Mfs will write an entire thesis to justify making other people’s dailies worse
All to save 11g

Not using battle items is extremely abnormal
If you want to fight Guardian Raids w/ no battle items please go to LFG
You are nothing but leeches freeloading off of the rest of the party’s contribution and get upset that you get kicked “for no reason”

And everyone knows that in all content, useless baggage gets kicked


My opinion same in all thing. MM free for all, if 3 people dont like you and you get kick cant do anything. No reason to be sad. Kick isnt harrassment. If you think kick is harassment then u are sheltered mommy boy

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AGS considers it harrassment…you are free to think otherwise.

Just know that if you are doing it, don’t be sad when you are banned as you should be.

Kicking is definitely harassment if you are doing it for no reason. Kicking a user is there when they are doing something bad, or nothing at all. Kicking just because you don’t like them isn’t a valid reason. Like ever.

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Try to use battle items my friend. it keeps you in party trust me. i never ever got kicked out of a party since i always tell/ask for a single battle item. it is like magic try once. Also people rarely ask for battle items out of Kungelanium. Just for 1 boss shouldnt be that expensive for you. Solution is yourself tbh.

Let me guess the insta warning is when u are group nr1 the warnings later are when its time to phero

Bc some people go for the simple 1flare2phero3phero4corro depending on ur nr in the group

And i can understand if players want to kick u when they all used battle items and u dont throw the last phero wasting everyones time to cheap out of what? 10gold?

My.main point why people so sensitive to kick. Move on with ur day. I got kick for boss rush before cause my 1325 alt take too long to kill a boss during 3 boss spawn. Do I press report? No. I move on with my day. People reporting more real player than rmter and bot.

I think player have fragile ego issues if their response to conflict in game is to report ban. That why I day sheltered mommy boy

Honestly the sheltered sensitive ones are the spoiled kids who come here and cry about their “Valuable time” yet gacha their groups instead of pressing 1 key and pushing click 4 times for a group lmao.

Imagine being so much of a kid that you feel so entitled and spoiled to make such drama for not using a battle item lmao. Only kids who have no idea of the outside world think everything will follow their ideas lol. There is a literal tool to evade such cases and people still rely on a RNG group maker and come here scream about hating RNG.

What’s worse is that PF is a bliss. Either they always get rejected for being useless in PF or just masochists.

I am free to have whoever in my party I want, to think anyone owes anyone a spot in their group for any reason is some next level entitlement. to call that harassment is hyperbolic haha.

“Play within the rules of the game” since the game heavily suggests item use in guardians with the guardian quest line, the in game guide, and the popup’s when you go to matchmake. would someone entering group content ignoring all that be considered harassment to the other players? are we missing somewhere on the guardian board talking about not using items establishing those rules?

you ever hear that old saying “If everyone around disagrees with you, there is a good chance you are wrong?” seems to apply if the 3 op grouped with took issue enough to boot haha

that’s not what happened, op was booted from a party after going in unprepared and was so much of a kid and so entitled and spoiled they came to post about it :laughing:. it takes the same number of keys and clicks to prepare a couple items for group content and be helpful to your team to not waste their time.

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It’s MM.

Depending on the situation it will be more but let’s think the ideal.

Press I key
Drag item to slot
Press alt + q
Click guardian raid
Click matchmake

Let’s see how to join one of the several fppc groups in party finde

Press : key
Click guardian raid
Click level 6
Click one of the many parties

Which one is more simple? Both are, right?

Which one gives you a 0.01% chance someone doesn’t use an item?

Ohhhh, right.

If my time is so valuable, why would I increase the odds to have a no battle item user consciously?