People who ”main” unreleased classes

Can someone explain to me how ’maining’ an unreleased class works. 95% of you complaining in the forums most likely haven’t even played said class on KR/RU, and yet you’re crying that you can’t play the game because your ’main’ isn’t released yet.

Edit: Most seem to misunderstand my point. I DO NOT care what you main or claim to main. I just find it funny if you are ’maining’ a class that’s coming out in 6months. Guess we have a different definition of the verb ’main’.


People typically main a class they’re interested in… not a hard concept. Many games announce classes before release, and people plan on what they want to play as.


How it works? Its pretty simple.

You get to 1415 and stop caring. Do your daily and weekly lockouts. Then focus on the 100’s of hours of horizontal content the game offers.

Then you put your ressources in the shared bank, wait and spend most of your time trolling the official forums.


Someone like me always plays assassins in MMOs and that why i wait for reaper. (I played it little bit in RU so i know i want her)

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I played Arcana in RU

If you ignore that the game has been around for 3 years, yes. But obviously, everyone who is playing on this NEW server knows how all the existing classes work, even because, they exist before the western release.


Well, you can’t but I get it.

Esp for people who played in other regions. They liked a certain class and for some nonsense reason all classes were not released when the game came out.

I actually almost don’t main. Gold intake is the only reason to push one character harder than another so I do but I play all my characters a fair amount and enjoy each of them.

…Except Wardancer. Not what I wanted but Scrapper hit the spot.


You can go forward with main class that does not exist: Priest, Bladedancer, Hunter or so …
Im kidding.
Id love to test new classes. Thats more characters slots to buy and more crying for powerpasses/knowledge transfers but …
yeah, if you already decided to waiting for main change you can farm materials to force push it to endgame.

first : forum are a specific part of the whole community.
In the forum you mostly found people more invested in the game, gathering news, etc. (and this is true for any game)
The rate of people who were in beta (so able to play summoner) or who played in RU/KR is higher than in the total player base.
Also, due to being more informed, even those who didnt play the classes have enough information to have good idea of the gameplay. For example : I as summoner wanabee, i know that i will have the most expensiv class, for over any other… Yes this is a BIG cons. and i know it and still want to play it.

So the most activ people saying “i want to play this” are the one who doesn’t say this randomly.

Then comes the problem that explain the cry : The higher ilvl we are, the harder to swap class it is, so people DONT go too high in ilvl, stopping at 1400 or 1415 for now, and hoarding mats/gold (with the prices getting higher, selling mats is not a so bad idea :stuck_out_tongue: )
But it has drawback : we can’t enjoy the whole game, which is frustrating.

Now, lets imagine we want to enjoy the game and “will see at the moment when my class is released” account not ready enough to push fast and high the class => will need weeks to do the swap => frustration.


I main a class that hasn’t even started development yet.


You just can’t wait to not be accepted into parties. If that’s your thing i recommend soulfist.

matchmaking everything …

have you ever tried mm argos? It’s a total shitshow with people without engraving, horrible stats and classes that aren’t accepted into parties

I mm agros every of my runs and I had 1 total fail, 1 wipe and 6 success runs with some dead players here and there. Yeah I guess every of that tuns takes like 3 mins extra coz we didnt check each other for perfect builds BUT I dont spend 1h in party finder.

same on my bard, but i dont mm

Im main bard just dont give a … for party finder for now :smiley:

I dont need perfect players to make the run, I make run to works, If there is someone who donno mechanics Im the person who explaining most dangerous to players.

its like saying you dont like something or someone. even if you never tried it or know the person. just stupid. you cant judge about something, if you dont know something about it

People like u are cringe


Disingenuous; especially when Summoner was jn the beta.

I main a distant future unreleased class called the voidmancer.

He can time walk to move forward and back to his original position, his attacks has the chance to stop enemy movement in time, he has a shield that can backtrack damage taken and his awakening summons a bubble that stops all time within it.