People who ”main” unreleased classes

Some people don’t want to invest a ton of effort into a class they do not enjoy. They use T3 alts to farm enough mats to push once it’s released. Or they tried it in another region so they know what they like.

i was playing the class in the beta, fell in love with it and decided it was my main back in november. now the class is not here for some reason (we still never got an answer for why it got removed) so my “main” is unreleased.

Of the people who “main” unreleased classes (as if that even made any sense), I’d guess:

1% of them played play(ed) another version
9% of them played Summoner in the beta
90% of them saw a video and decided that class was definitely going to be the most fun class in the game and no amount of arguing will convince them otherwise.

Of the three the only ones who really deserve sympathy are the summoner players. The KR/RU/JP people knew what they were getting into, and the lion’s share of players are completely clueless and entitled.

My mates who wanted to main unreleased classes have quit the game long time ago and likely won’t ever give the game a 2nd chance :rofl:
Sad shite :rofl:

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Found the Gatekeeper

Real mains (people who already played the game in other versions) have been stacking mats since day 1, and I don’t see them crying on forums every day. People crying are people who think the class is cool and want to play it, but when they try it they usually get disappointed.

It’s always gonna be like this, in every game, people are so impatient and they want things now, western culture, I guess.

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I main female berseker. I was born for it.


We want female zerker, we demand it, amazon and smilegate drip feeding classes, classic whale bait kekw.

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Im F2P btw…

When their class comes out they’ll pick another non-released class to main. :joy:


I am an artist main, and i take offense to this.

My main problem with maining unrealese class is class engraving, that will blue up in price after Voldan. You can stock mats, but paying 60k instead of 20k rly painfull.

Female zerker and paladin will be so cool.

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Nah, you can’t main something you haven’t played. That’s just idiotic. Look what happened with lancer, ppl cried & cried because they couldn’t play their “main” but once it was actually released & people started playing it, majority lost interest lol

Same thing will happen to reaper, artist, scouter, & so on. People too predictable

People say they’re maining classes like they’re calling shotgun in a car with no other passengers. Who cares? If they want to call main with nothing more than a concept that’s fine.

In lost arks case the other classes are available to try in other regions, but this happens in any game that releases new characters or classes.

Easy, We played and mained these characters in other regions such as RU. For example, I mained Scouter, I am a Scouter main and will continue to be. The other classes do not spark my interest and therefore I will never “Main” one temporarily. I would not invest time, materials and gold into a character that I do not intend to play long term. Most of us are forcing ourselves to play a class that we dont want to. Mostly out of FOMO, But also to prepare for our true mains.

when people say they “main” x class i think that generally just means thats the one class they want to dedicate the most of their time and resources to. even if it doesn’t exist yet, it doesnt change the fact that their #1 desired and want to play class is that one

for example i main soul fist, but my pally is the same item level as my soulfist, and i am honing pally over soulfist right now because i know for sure it’ll be easier to find groups as a support and also i can contribute more to the group as a pally then as a subpar sf player

i tried to find another class i would want to switch to as my “main”, but after making 6 other alts i honestly can’t find anything in the existing character pool that i would rather play. so nowadays everyday when i log in to start doing my daily chores i keep asking myself why i don’t just delete the game and take a break

Just give all classes :frowning:

Inb4 people main classes just to find out their underwhelming or not what they expected, and demand changes…or you know…they’ll quit.

95% of you complaining haven’t played it in ru/kr
Is there proof to that or are you mistaking you worthless opinion as fact?
If so, you might want to go see a shrink instead of making forum posts.

Even for those that haven’t played, in case you’re too slow, there’s such a thing as twitch/youtube where you can get a decent feel on how a class plays and the style could look very appealing from just a few vids.

I hope it’s not too much information for you brain to wrap around.
You obviously lack common sense so there should at least be a bit of room for more information.