People who compare our version with other versions are toxic

sure bro everything is toxic in 2022 zZzZzZzZ

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idk it just feel like opening an iPhone shop somewhere new and then you start releaseing only iPhone 5s lmao

It’s always like this, this forum is rotten to the core, people who spend their time here are toxic people who have a lot of free time to talk shit about everything they see.

Would you rather not getting that iphone shop in your small town then?

I would rather travel and buy the newest one. Same thing here that is why I stopped playing on NA and started on KR


but can you read KR?

that’s stereotyping! and you are here more than me! so ergo you are more toxic!

why else would i have asked my korean gf to move in with me

I was born there :slight_smile: and my dad is from korea (still iiving there) but my parents divorced when i was like 8 and we moved but why do i have to explain myself here lol


I saw that Ted talk, it was hilarious.

The funny thing is, when they are both given lousy rewards, they don’t mind.

But once the other starts getting something better, its riot lol.

Kind of like our situation here, KR/JP/RU all getting classes, and NA/EU drip feeding.

Thats fair and all, no one is forcing you to play on NA, but i find it interesting why all of you guys who claim have “quitted” the game are still here every day lol

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I never said im not toxic? and yeah im generalizing but im not wrong tho.

As someone who’s played in other regions if I told you the Western release of Lost Ark was generally the best launch of all the regions would you believe me? Your username suggests you won’t. Sure there is improvement to be made, but it’s far from an “utter mess”.


I mean you could have said “yeah i can read kr” lol

you dont need to explain yourself. but thank you for telling something about yourself.

tru im dumb lol

i respect you opinion but i disagree for many reasons.

Yes, the launch was great when I had to launch Steam Link so I can log in the queue at 10k-25k in 9am or 1pm and come back home expecting to be around in the 100 queues so I can play Lost Ark.

Everything from point A to Z was just spamming G, do this and this, spam island to get T1 and T2 mats, hunt mokoko, do the secret map with a secret quest that talks about developers and stuff (That one was a great experience.) then farm mats to reach 1100 for T3 then keep going it till you reach 1370 for Argos then saw they are nerfing Guardian raid because peoples are so fucking bad at EASIER boss raid except the wipe mech one which is understandable. . ., Class release was a pure shitshow, Summoner getting replaced by Sorc (New class btw), Glaivier somehow steals Arcanist spot, Destroyer pushed for late release without a pass (Which become the unpopular class because ONLY those who invested a lot “Saving mats” could reach T3 Valtan ready in few weeks depending on their RNG).

I don’t know man, the game is great but the management is shit how I am supposed to like this version when they manage like shit and take ignore our feedback regarding Class release?!?!

Why are they so silence when we ask where they get those data regarding Glaivie we never had any official polls from AGS/SG for a class release. what actual fuck is happening here, where are those business intelligence team coming from? Are they expecting to get a profit by making their playerbase frustrating, mad?

Is drip-feeding the solution to maintain their playerbase in a long term with this kind of progression? :rofl:

Is this game P2W ? Yes but not worse compared to the other version, is the game developer and the publisher treat you well? NO FUCK NO WE ARE TREATED LIKE SHIT! AND THIS IS HOW I FEEL, AFTER READING ALL THOSE SUGGESTIONS AND COMPLAINTS BEING IGNORED OR LITERALLY REJECTED FOR DUMB REASONS!!!

People are completely oblivious to this fact. The version we have is just a scaled down version of the one that almost killed the game on KR.

How dare you compare versions, under no circumstances should a human being with a brain, 2 legs and 2 arms compare the same game with a different version.

I’d quite like a guinea pig :sweat_smile:

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