People who don't click accept in chaos dungeons should be banned

you’re not getting more materials by killing every enemy,
and no one thinks you’re cool because you’re not listening when the rest of the group asks you to click accept.


they are boring bro

if you dont kill all mobs, before entering the next stage, you lose all rewards for the mobs, which you didnt kill. what do you think whats the vote for? what GS are you, that you dont know how chaos dungeons work?

I agree. That`s why i do it solo now. You get same loot and with berserker, everything is super fast.

Lol dude it sounds like you have no clue how chaosdungeons work whatsoever. Every Chaosdungeon has 10k enemys to kill and it does not matter on which stage you kill them. You can lirerally take the earliest portal available and kill in the end the same amount of enemys…


you dont get the same loot. theres a bonus for being in groups. its an mmo game, where you should play with other people. if you get same loot for playing alone, theres no reason to play in groups anymore. thats why you get punishment

^ what the guy above said , you have a cap on how many monsters you can kill, doesn’t matter if you kill them in stage 1 or stage 3.

The only important things to kill are the challange boss and the mini bosses as those give more stuff.

Only way to squeeze out more is to get to 99% and then try to kill everything in one big pack

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No you dont get more loot for playing in a group. That would be good but its not true (until you show me a valid source for your statement)

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Did both and there was no difference.

Also if you waste your % on lower trash on stage 1 and stage 2 you`ll loose loot on stage 3 (this is how chaos dungeons work). Like JustDan said, at 99% you can get more loot with 1 shot AoE skills.

Why do people party for this, solo it… it’s way easier…

All of this was explained to him in another thread, I don’t think he’s going to be convinced.

because its an mmo game. if people like to play alone, we have offline single player games for that.


I believe all normal trash has pretty much same loot tables and rates. Then named/challenge/bosses have improved tables. Think it all comes out in the wash, as I’ve nvm finished 3 prior to last crystal boss dung, but this is only speculation

Then he must be a troll and needs to be avoided :smiley:

Thats ok, but it IS better to Skip. You kill more mobs on Gate 3 to kill same amount on total than wiping stage 1 plus if you get there with 61% or less completion percentage you get one extra elite (accoroding to a team member on lust run) .
Also, It saves time.
Less time+more drops make It worthy to accept transition on any case

Fun fact if someone refuses to hit next floor long enough the chaos dungeon will fail and close losing out on a run.

I no longer group for chaos dungeons unless its infinite, which I still generally run solo now

Don’t do chaos dungeon in groups. If someone refuses to accept the portal, it will eventually time out and the mission fails and you lose your aura.

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You actually get more mats getting to floor 3 at a lower % since you get an additional boss or TWO which drops more everything.

I hate when people won’t accept -.-

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It may not be about killing all enemies, but about completing a rota to start the next stage in a correct state.

For example on my surge deathblade, if I pop my surge at 13% I may get “screwed” by someone using their awakening and immediately pushing completion to 16%.
I’ll need a few seconds to get into a state where I dont have to restart in stage 2 from 0, but with a reasonable amount of class resource.
So a slight delay may just be people finishing their rota.

Admittedly, there are some people who need to chase every single last mob and that can get annoying. But that’s the nature of matchmaking.
There are no guarantees what people you get or how they play. If that might aggravate you too much, maybe do stuff with a premade from ‘find group’ where you can establish shared expectations, or do stuff solo.

This is a shared game with other people. You will encounter people who wont play as you’d consider “right”. No cause to call for dubious “punishment” because other people’s playstyle does not align with yours.


" [People who don’t click accept in chaos dungeons should be banned]"

While i agree it can be boring to wait for them… REALLY? BAN? are you not a bit extreme here?